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Keith County, NE
58 Acres | Hunting and Fishing
Property Summary
Property #: NEWE 0065
Acres: 58
County: Keith
Closest City: Ogallala/Brule
Max # of Hunters: 4
Lease Period Date: Multiple Year Lease
Auction Status
Available for Lease
Auction Ends: 12/1/2020 5:00:00 PM
Price & Bidding
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Property Details
Notice Keith County School Land Lease Sale - 58 acres located in Keith County, NE.

Keith County School Land Lease Sale For the Board of Educational Lands & Funds has been moved from the County Treasurer’s Office to:

Keith County Fairgrounds – 4-H Building
1100 W. 5th Street
Ogallala, NE.

Notice is hereby given that an authorized representative of the Board of Educational Lands and Funds of the State of Nebraska will offer for lease at public auction on the day and time set forth below, at the office of the County Treasurer of Keith County in Ogallala, Nebraska, the following educational lands within said County:

DATE: December 1, 2020 TIME: 2:00 p.m.

Please note: No bids will be accepted on the HLN website. All bids need to be in person as listed in the description.

In the event of inclement weather and/or bad roads, the Board’s Field Representative may postpone the sale until December 8, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. If this occurs, the County Treasurer and the Board’s Lincoln Office will both be notified at least 90 minutes prior to the originally scheduled sale time.

Tract 47c - All lying between Hwy #30 and South Platte River (57.89 acres + accretions, more or less) Section 18-13-39

Predominant Land Use: Grassland and recreational.

This tract is located 4.5 miles west of Ogallala, NE.

Improvements to be sold include: 330 rods of fence, 2 stockwells with pipe, rod and cylinder, mill, tower and wildlife vegetative food plots. Total Value: $3,000.00

Personal Property Items: 210 rods of fence, steel bottom tank, 2 sets of steel entry gates, all tree stands, tower blinds and hunting equipment, all wildlife feeders, corrals and corral materials.

STIPULATION: Notwithstanding the noxious weed control provisions provided in the body of this Lease, the following stipulation shall apply regarding noxious weeds: The Board will supply the chemicals necessary to treat the noxious weeds on all of the grassland covered by this Lease, and provide detailed instructions for the chemical application. However, if the Board or its representative determines at any time, in their sole and absolute discretion, that the noxious weed problems are due to inaction or neglect on the part of the Lessee, then Lessee will furnish, at Lessee’s sole and exclusive cost and expense, all chemical and the labor and equipment necessary to apply the chemicals and will apply the chemicals timely and in exact accordance with the instructions provided by the Board. Lessee will also effectively control, to the Board’s satisfaction, the noxious weeds on any cropland covered by this Lease at Lessee’s sole and exclusive cost and expense at all times during the term of this Lease. When necessary to apply the recommended chemical, the Lessee will provide a NE Department of Agriculture Pesticide Applicator ID number or contract with a commercial applicator to apply the chemical at Lessee’s expense.

Any item(s) listed above as “personal property” are subject to removal by the previous lessee. All right, title and interest in any items listed as “Trust owned”, shall remain with the School Land Trust.

To be eligible to bid on a school land lease, you must be able to contract in accordance with Nebraska Law and have deposited with a representative of the Board, or with the County Treasurer of the County in which the land is located, a bank draft, cashier’s check, certified check or money order made payable to the Board of Educational Lands and Funds equal to the 2021 rental of said tract. Said rental deposit may be submitted at any time until the tract is announced “Sold”. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, only the designated bidder will be allowed in the auction. Any additional lessee may be added to the Lease by proper Power of Attorney, or by assignment after the auction. If more than one qualified bidder is interested in a lease, it will be sold subject to Board approval, to the party bidding the highest bonus, in addition to the first year’s rent, at the auction. Bonus bids must be paid to the Board of Educational Lands and Funds immediately following the auction. Bonus bids are a one-time payment covering the entire term of the lease.

All sales of educational land leases at public auction are non-revocable offers from the bidder, which shall become binding contracts only upon acceptance and approval by the Board of Educational Lands and Funds. Leases will be effective January 1, 2021, or upon acceptance and approval by the Board, whichever occurs later.

Leases will be issued only to those who sign the “Lease and Application” in person or through an Attorney-In-Fact who presents a Power of Attorney at the time of the auction. A sample Power of Attorney form is available on the Board’s website. Lease assignments submitted to the Board within 30 days of the auction will be processed without fee. The Board’s standard form lease sets out the terms of the lease of the real estate to which this notice pertains; provided, however, any additional stipulations pertaining specifically to this real estate, which are included in this notice, shall become a part of the complete terms of the lease pertaining to this real estate. The Board’s standard form lease may be inspected at the County Treasurer’s office or on the Board’s website and a copy, which includes any additional stipulations pertaining to this real estate, can be obtained by contacting the Board’s Lincoln office or the Field Representative for this county named above.

The successful bidder shall, within thirty days of the date of Board approval, pay the amount of the value of the improvements (and growing crops, if applicable) as stated above, to the County Treasurer of the County wherein the land is situated. If such payment is not made on time and in full, all payments made by the successful bidder to the Board may be declared forfeited and a new lease or sale of the land may be authorized. All improvements affixed to the land which are not listed above are and shall remain owned by the School Trust. No improvements shall be placed on the land by Lessee without the prior written approval of the Board; and any improvements made by Lessee without the prior written approval of the Board shall be permanently owned exclusively by the Board.

All monies received by the Board’s agents will be deposited subject to approval of the lease by the Board of Educational Lands and Funds. In the event a lease is not approved, the appropriate refunds will be issued.

All County Farm Service Agency information for the Board of Educational Lands and Funds is public information and is obtainable by contacting the local office.

Rental is subject to change by the Board semi-annually at any time during the term of the lease.

The Lessee making each election to harvest fall-seeded crops will pay the 2021 rent on those acres. In the event of such election, the successful bidder, if other than the previous Lessee, will receive a refund of 2021 rent equal to the amount so paid by the previous Lessee.

Your attendance at this auction is at your own risk. The Board of Educational Lands and Funds shall not be liable for any exposure to, or contraction of, any illness or injury. The Board of Educational Lands and Funds reserves the right to restrict attendance at this auction. Masks will be required for all attendees, and will be provided, if necessary.

For further information contact: BOARD OF EDUCATIONAL LANDS AND FUNDS

33765 S. Blackwood Road
Wallace, NE 69169
308-387-4279 or CELL: 308-340-7143

555 North Cotner Blvd.
Lincoln, NE 68505
Property Features
  • All Legal Game
  • Fishing Allowed
  • Camping Allowed
  • Food Plots May Be Possible with Landowner and HLN Approval
  • Commercial / Outfitter Hunting Allowed
  • Cattle Grazing on Property
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