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Barbour County
155 Acres
***NORTH BARBOUR COUNTY, ALABAMA!!*** Deer, turkey, and all other legal game. This lease is only a few miles from Lakepoint Resort State Park located on Lake Eufaula. This State Park has camp sites, cottages, hotel, restaurant, and much more! Maximum number of hunters allowed on this lease at any one time: Up to Four (4), including guest hunter(s). Size restrictions for harvested bucks: Must be 6 points or better or inferior/cull bucks. Lessee(s) and guests are asked to use quality deer management. One Lessee (hunter who signs the Hunting/Fishing Lease document) needs to give written permission to any guest hunter. ***Please note that this also includes any club member who does not sign the original lease paperwork.*** There are approximately 20 head of cattle inside fenced areas on the west end of this property. ***LEAVE GATES AS FOUND.*** Landowner needs to approve areas to be planted in game food plots. No deer hunting with dogs. But, tracking dogs are allowed to help find deer. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs. Respect and care for this property is required.....No littering....No trespassing.....Respect and care for neighbors and property boundaries is required. ATV's and utility vehicles are allowed for hunting related purposes only. No trail riding for safety reasons and to help prevent erosion on the interior roads. Sometimes timber related activities such as site preparation, tree planting, control burning, application of herbicides, and/or harvesting need to be completed. Lessor usually conducts these activities either before or after deer and turkey season. But, there could be situations where timber related activities need to be completed during hunting season. Lessor would give as much advance notice as possible to Lessee(s) in these situations. As of November, 2018, the property owner informed me that he does not plan to harvest any timber during hunting season. Subleasing or assignment of this lease is not permitted. Alabama hunting and fishing information and much more is available at $1 million per occurrence, ($2 million aggregate) hunting lease liability insurance is included in the lease amount. For additional information, please contact Hunting Lease Network (HLN) representative Randall Thompson, or (334) 268-1488.
Hunting Property Photo
Sheboygan County
70 Acres
70 acres in Sheboygan County, WI. Plenty of stand locations in wooded area on south end and along tree lines around property. Property was in beans for 2018 and will be in corn 2019. Deer cross this property frequently as per tenant farmer. Surrounding area has a diverse habitat of crops, pastures, and woods. $2 Million Liability Insurance provided with lease.
Hunting Property Photo
New York
Broome County
81 Acres
30 acres of meadow sloping away from the road to the west, reminder is woods and brush. Great amount of food water and cover. Great amount of food water and cover. property is posted well. property to the NW is also leased through the Hunting lease network.
Hunting Property Photo
New York
Chenango County
101 Acres
Big buck hang out in the Swamp. when checking out this property seen good buck sign as well as doe running around, you can access this property from a few locations to mange your hunt. Ravine on the the north end of property is a paradise...
Hunting Property Photo
South Dakota
Brule County
1035 Acres
NEW PRICE!!! 1035 acres in Brule County, SD. Located 25 minutes north of Kimball, SD. This farm is available for the rest of the 2018/19 season. Lease will run from Nov.1, 2018 - Feb.28, 2019. The property has a mix of corn, beans & wheat with 290 acres of pasture. Smith Creek also runs through this property and includes a couple ponds if you want to waterfowl hunt. All legal game! $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included!
Hunting Property Photo
Langlade County
40 Acres
Great Langlade County location. This 40 was lightly hunted last year. Some really thick cover and some bottom ground make this a great place for bucks to hang out. Plenty of stand locations. Property is surrounded by heavy woods. Plenty of open spots for shooting. Owner does not hunt and this is a deer and Spring 2019 turkey lease. Saw plenty of turkey hens with their young. Property is also not far from Antigo which hosts all the amenities.
Hunting Property Photo
New York
Wayne County
74 Acres
DMU 8F Easy location to access 74 acres all wooded track with lots of deer sign ... when walking property bumped quite a few deer... neighboring property's have soy beans and corn that deer have travel patterns. Great locations to set up stands..
Hunting Property Photo
New York
Erie County
45 Acres
With property just outside buffalo great opportunity get out a hunt with a short drive. Old and new growth trees and old field and brush, very small stream runs through property. farm field back property line corn is planted... bedding area in middle of property, seen great stand placement locations . discuss food plot location with small game hunting.. A 45 acre Honey hole...
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