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Turn Your Hobby Into a Business!

Do you enjoy talking with landowners and sportsmen about hunting? Are you interested in owning your own business in the hunting industry?

Look at the benefits of the Hunting Lease Network franchise opportunity:

  • Easy-to-run operation with low investment - the initial franchise fee is $15,000 and the estimated initial investment required ranges from $23,500 to $39,000 (includes franchise fee). For more information, including company information, costs & fees, and training & support, visit Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise Zone
  • Be in the hunting business for yourself, but not by yourself
  • Be part of a team - the Hunting Lease Network® system provides training and guidance that helps you operate your business efficiently.
  • Huge territory area - Most territories are half a state in size, so plenty of counties to find landowners in your area
  • Help sportsmen find safe, memorable hunting properties for a fair price
  • Utilize a proprietary internet system that allows public viewing and competitive bidding for hunting leases across the US
  • Help farmers and ranchers increase their income
  • Market big game, waterfowl, upland game, and fishing leases to tens of thousands of sportsmen across the nation
  • Interact with Farmers National Company professionals, the nation's premier farm management and agricultural real estate company
"As a professional farm manager, I must protect my client's interests while increasing their return on investment. The Hunting Lease Network® provides revenue with liability protection, allowing me to control who hunts the land. Landowners and producers should seriously consider this service."
As a professional farm manager, I must protect my client's interests while increasing their return on investment. The Hunting Lease Network® provides revenue with liability protection, allowing me to control who hunts the land. Landowners and producers should seriously consider this service."

- Pat Hengen, Honey Creek IA

2004 National Farm Manager of the Year by the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA)

Economics of Hunting in America

A substantial majority of Americans value hunting for its cultural, social, and conservation contributions. Hunting is an American tradition shared by millions of people, regardless of their social and economic status. Our hunting heritage is a strong, wholesome influence on American society.

Hunting in America generates more than $67 billion in economic output and more than one million jobs in the US. Hunting is big business, generating $25 billion in retail sales and $17 billion in salaries and wages. Data provided by the 2001 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife Associated Recreation shows:

  • Over $624 million is spent annually on hunting leases
  • Each hunter spends an average of $1,896 per year on hunting
  • Hunters spend $5.3 billion on hunting-related travel and $6.4 billion on hunting equipment
  • 2 million non-resident hunters spent more than 20 million days hunting out of state

"High quality habitat - a great family hunting experience"

- Johnny Morris, President/Founder - Bass Pro Shops, with son John Paul. White-tailed deer scored 190-7/8 gross inches.

Hunters Value Services that Save Them Time

  • Catalog and internet sales of hunting related gear and services are booming
  • Hunters have less time to seek permission to hunt on private land
  • The hunting experience on public hunting land is declining in many areas
  • Absentee landowners control one-half of the privately-owned land in the US, making it very difficult for hunters to find owners to get permission to hunt
"We would like to thank the Hunting Lease Network and the landowners for making this lease possible with such short notice. We intend to extend the lease for years to come!"

- Joe Muraski, Kansas City

Hunting Lease Network LLC (HLN) is a division of Farmers National Company, the nation's largest farm & ranch management and agricultural real estate company.

Since 1929 Farmers National has provided a wide variety of services for America's landowners, including farm management, real estate sales, habitat development, crop/liability insurance, and mapping technology. For over ten years Farmers National has been providing quality outdoor experiences through its hunting lease program.

"We had a very successful opening day, harvesting two bucks. We had opportunities to shoot several does later."

- Robert Stuart, Marceline, MO

Before You Open:

As soon as you join our team we work with you to help you get started:

  • Free three-day training at Hunting Lease Network® HQ in Omaha, NE
  • Pre-opening checklist & complimentary start-up kit get you going right away
  • We use our buying power to pass savings for supplies on to you

After You Open:

Once your business is up and running, our system helps you operate your business effectively:

  • In-depth operations manual helps you run daily operations of your business
  • A personal visit to your location to review your operations and assist in the establishment of your franchise
  • A variety of franchisee services including web-based training, continuing education, accounting services, telephone support, and annual conferences
  • Continual research and development to enhance products and services
"Saw a few trophy bucks, lots of bucks overall, everything looks like there is good quality."

-Tim Heun, Lincoln, NE

Franchise Application Form

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For more information on franchise opportunities, please complete the Application Form or email

Troy A. Langan, Manager
National Hunting Lease Network LLC

11516 Nicholas St., Suite 100
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