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Sportsman Benefits
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For the Sportsman

Quality hunting land is getting harder and harder to find. Many people have tried public hunting only to find it crowded and unsafe. Our program ensures you will have exclusive hunting rights to good hunting land with the ability to renew the lease from year to year.

Our properties provide the hunter with a great chance at harvesting trophy animals without the hassle of driving around and going door to door asking permission. We handle everything from the lease write up, hunting insurance, and renewals.


Sportsman Benefits

HLN leases provide a private, secure place for you to hunt. As a member, you can view details on available properties across the country. There is no cost to submit bids on leases.

  • Guaranteed Access and Safety - Leases provide a safe and uncrowded place for you and your family to hunt or fish. HLN lease holders are given vehicle hang tags and lease IDís to identify your right to access the leased property.
  • Fair Price - A competitive bidding process provides fair opportunity to lease at market value. Lessees are given first option to renew the lease (with approval from the landowner and HLN representatives.) There is no cost to register on our site or submit bids. There are no hidden fees. The price you bid is the only price you pay.
  • Quality Management - Our team of specialists are located nationwide. This allows us to inspect the properties for good quality hunting. This allows you to see and learn more about the specific property you are looking at.
  • Inspect the Property - All potential bidders are given a chance to walk and inspect the property before you bid. This ensures that the property is a good fit for you and your group.


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