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Satisfied Landowners

Dave and Cheri Esslinger
Surprising Benefits of Leasing

We want to thank you for reaching out to us with a Hunting Lease on our farm for this year. We were surprised and pleased with the bid amount. We always heard about hunting leases at the workshops but had never considered it for our farm. Thank you again. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Darrel and Sharon Gloe
Leasing Is An Easy Process

Leasing out our property for hunting and fishing is a new experience for us. The Hunting Lease Network made the process an easy one.

We contacted Farmers National and they explained what our options were and how the Hunting Lease Network works.They stay in contact with us making sure we are happy with the way the lease is working and to keep us informed.

We truly appreciate everyone at the Hunting Lease Network and their concern for us as landowners.

Gary Hargroves
For several years I have been considering leasing my Western Iowa land in Monona County for hunting.

The land is located in a popular hunting area and every year I have dozens of requests from both area residents and out of area and out of state people cruising around looking for land to hunt, for free. A few years back I visited with an outfitter but after considering all the factors, the arrangement wasn't a good fit for me.

I was aware of the Hunting Lease Network and a few months ago started visiting with Tom Jensen. The more I learned about the program the more I became excited about it.

In visiting with Tom about the property, he asked for some good photos. I live some distance from the property and when I looked realized I didn't have any recent photos. Not being a hunter myself, I wasn't exactly sure what he wanted or needed. Tom agreed to visit the land and take photos. This was a huge help! I really welcomed the opportunity to show the land to Tom so he could evaluate it himself and help me learn what is needed and desirable for hunting in addition to the wildlife itself. I was impressed that Tom took the time to do a thoughtful job and was gracious in helping me learn about what hunters need and want.

I really like that the program is an internet based marketing program which means anyone anywhere in the world can access the information. Most important, I expect to meet and become acquainted with the person who leases the land. Hopefully it will be someone who loves to hunt but also shares my land conservation values. There are some built guidelines that I believe will be helpful to all. Also, I like that the Hunting Lease Network drafts the lease, collects the money and carries the insurance. In addition, it will be helpful when people asked me to hunt the property to simply direct them to the website.

Thank you to everyone at the Hunting Lease Network. I am pleased to recommend the Hunting Lease Network to anyone looking to lease out their ground for hunting.

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