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The following new recreational properties are now available for lease.

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Howard County
153 Acres
153 acres in Howard County, NE. This property has easy access and multiple entry points. Property offers exceptional lookout areas for easy spotting and unobstructed shooting. Located just south of Farwell, NE halfway between Saint Paul and Sherman Reservoir (Loup City). This parcel is highly productive farm ground with diverse habitat, with the opportunity to hunt whitetail, mule deer, turkey, small game and upland birds. Yearly rotation of irrigated corn and soybeans, with the balance of ground in alfalfa and mixed grasses. There are a few large trees suitable for tree blinds. The central canal of Farwell Irrigation District runs diagonally through the property. There is an access road on each side of the canal, which provides irrigation water during the summer. Oak Creek is also nearby which provides a ready supply of water for wildlife. Occasional waterfowl have been seen on the small re-use pond, located in the secluded northeast corner of the property. There could be possible fish in the pond and canal (but neither is stocked). Owners are very particular. Hunters must absolutely “leave no trace” from vehicles, ATVs or trash. ATVs are allowed for hunting only. Do not drive in hay meadows until the hay has been put up. Also, do not drive in hay meadows, nor on the canal road when the ground is wet. Hunters must not interfere with the existing tenant’s farming operations. Lessee is responsible to keep the property posted year-round, and at all entry points, with “Leased Hunting” signs provided by HLN. No more than 4 hunters are allowed on the property at any given time (to include all guests/invitees of the hunters named on the lease). Property boundaries are clearly marked by roads and fences. Cattle are not on the property, so hunters will not have to contend with any gates or fences. Trapping will be allowed, but only live traps may be used. Camping will be allowed, but the location must be approved by landowner. No open fires! This tract has electricity available, but the electric service is currently shut off (meter at the pole is on idle). $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. No Commercial Use.
Lancaster County
154 Acres
154 acres in Lancaster County, NE. Just a short drive north of Lincoln. This farm sits 1 mile north from Branched Oak Lake & 1.5 miles South from Wildwood Lake. A high population of deer travel between those lakes through this draw. Made up of a yearly corn and bean rotation (corn 2019) with 13 acres of timber and waterways. If you are still looking for a lease for the 2019/20 season, this one could be yours. ATV's can be used for hunting purposes only. Respect to crops is a must. Landowner will have to approve camping on the property. Landowner reserves the right to all normal farming rights of crops and maintenance on the property. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. No Commercial Use Allowed.
Richardson County
120 Acres
120 acres in Richardson County, NE. Located 20 minutes south of Auburn, NE. This property has a yearly corn/bean rotation.(corn on 40, beans on 80 in 2019) There is the small pond toward the back of the 40 acre piece surrounded by grass. On the 80, there is a creek that runs along the east boundary. Both of these properties are lined with timber. If you are looking for a last minute property, get your bid in today. Last time the landowner was down to visit the property, a large buck was bedding down in the barn. He also states that a lot of deer pass around and through this property. Landowner reserves the right for all normal farm tenant & landowner rights regarding the crops and maintenance on the property. Respect to crops is a must! Landowner reserves the right to do mineral testing on the property. If this occurs, it won't be until 2020. Nothing has been confirmed at this point. ATV's are allowed, with respect to the crops. Landowner asks that you use common sense in muddy conditions. Landowner is willing to allow the lessee to use the barn on the 40 acre tract. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. No Commercial Use Allowed.
Jefferson County
107 Acres
106 acres in Jefferson County, MT. Take a look at this beautiful property located in Montana. You will have multiple opportunities to hunt many different species on this one. Located very close to the Beaver-Head Deer Lodge National Forest. This property is loaded with timbered areas and native grasses. Even though this piece seems small at 107 acres, it is offered at a very reasonable price for the types of hunting that can be done on it. Property is gated and the boundaries are marked. Landowner will allow food plots upon approval first. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included!
Buffalo County
243 Acres
243 acres in Buffalo County, NE. Great recreation property that is located less then 30 minutes northwest of Kearney, NE. This tract is broken down into 100 acres of corn/bean rotation, 100 acres of pasture, 25 acres of hay with the rest in timber. It also has 2 ponds that will serve as a watering hole for game on the property. Landowner says this could be a very good hunting property for both deer and turkey. Plenty of good areas to set up on this one, since it's a mixture of rough & rolling terrain. Gated entrance and is located on a dead end road. Cattle will graze this property from May to October and January to February on corn stalks. Camping is available with hookups on the property. Landowner will reserve the right to do yearly general clean-up around the property and for him and his grandson to fish the pond. Landowner is willing to allow food plots with his approval first. Please submit map of area to your HLN representative to get the process started. There are a few buildings that can be negotiated with the landowner if hunter plans to use one of them for storage. $2 Million hunting liability insurance is included in the price of the property. No commercial use.
Jackson County
275 Acres
Great Property, home to some monster deer, (see pics). Property has it's share of alfalfa, and red clover is found in a number of the pastures. No shortage of oaks. Years ago a previous owner planted apple trees around the property that are still producing large amounts of apples. Pictures of apple trees below are not from trees in an orchard but from trees planted along fence lines etc. Property was cut over about five years ago and now you have areas of some really thick growth that large bucks like to hang in. As many as 18 deer have been taken (farm tags) off this property in 1 season. No problem locating trails, scrapes and rubs. Land owner says a neighbor found a shed this summer that belonged to the buck in the trail camera pictures below. So he's still around? Property was not that heavily hunted last year. Owner is fine with a camper being placed on the property. There is a camp ground at the intersection of County Rd. B and S.Prairie about 1 mi from this farm. Osseo is right on Interstate 94 and has all the amenities.
Dickinson County
83 Acres
83 acres in Dickinson County, MI. This property has not been hunted in a while. When I visited there was plenty of deer sign. Plenty of heavy cover and wide open shooting areas. Property frequented by plenty of deer, bear, coyote, grouse, turkey. All sorts of set up areas. Numerous old roads and trails on property for easy access. Great Michigan hunting on this parcel. Very remote area. All legal game. $2 Million liability insurance provided. Outfitters and guides welcome. Outfitters and guides to provide their own commercial liability policy. Northwest corner borders property MIWE 0010. Property also listed for sale through Farmers National Company. Please contact Joe Peterselli with any questions @ 715-891-1228.
Fillmore County
237 Acres
240 acres in Fillmore County, MN. Located in southeast MN, just outside of Spring Valley. This property has 190 acres of corn/bean rotation with the rest in timbered areas(corn-2019). Good areas for stand placement located in a number of spots around the property. Landowner says that you will have the opportunity to hunt both deer and turkey on this tract. Landowner is willing to meet winning bidder in Spring Valley and show them around the property. Property has a locked gate at the entrance and boundaries are clearly marked. ATV's can be used for hunting purposes only, after harvest. $2 Million hunting liability insurance included in the lease price. No commercial use allowed.
Morris County
510 Acres
A LITTLE OVER 500 ACRES IN MORRIS CO. KANSAS NEAR COUNCIL GROVE. YOU WILL NEED SOME GOOD HUNTING BOOTS IF YOU ARE GOING TO SCOUT ALL OF THIS FLINT HILL PROPERTY! This lease has 2 tracts, both are no doubt typical native Kansas Flint Hills with rolling hills and great vantage points for some easy scouting without adding unwanted pressure before season begins. The south tract has a group of trees in the NW corner with a waterway in the bottom of the property starting in the SE corner. The larger tract to the North will be the high ground in this area as there is a wooded draw that will run and exit to the eastside of the property. As an archery hunter, I like the east road as an entry with a south wind. There is a nice gate to park your vehicle on the property. For the north wind days, I would enter from the SW corner. As for firearms season there are several locations that will be promising on the top of the hillsides overlooking the timber. There are cattle on this property for a short pasture grazing season and are usually off before season starts. This would give you plenty of time to put up your feeder and trail cameras to start assessing the local population. This area has produced a lot of great deer in the past and was not hunted in the 2018 season. ATV use for hunting purposes only and the grass is tall so use caution. No vehicles traffic.
Muscatine County
173 Acres
First time listing...170+ acres bordering the Wapsinonoc Creek in Muscatine County. Prime habitat with much water and an adjacent crop field. Deer signs in all the right places. Easy access from the north...parking is convenient. Landowner and farm manager are good to work with. Commercial operators must provide evidence of insurance. Landowner requests that extra care be taken to avoid rutting...with no debris/garbage dumped on the property or in the creek. Leasing prospects are encouraged to visit the farm in advance of a bid. Ask HLN rep for windshield slip. Harvest report to be completed and returned upon lease renewal. Premium on $2.0 million liability policy included in bid.
Dickinson County
92 Acres
Easy access property with hunting on both sides of the highway. There is a gravel driveway on the eastern side of Hwy 95 parcel. Open areas with plenty of woods. Diverse habitat. Old roads and trails on the property. Plenty of deer, bear and turkey in the area. Railroad tracks run through property. Available for commercial outfitters, (Must provide commercial insurance).
Dickinson County
786 Acres
Remote and rugged 786 acres. Eastern portion is pretty wide open allowing for long range shooting opportunities.. Plenty of heavy woods and open areas. Numerous roads and trails through out property for easy access. Some cut over areas. Property is available to outfitters and commercial operations, ( must provide commercial liability insurance). All legal came available and there are plenty of deer, turkey and bear. Excellent parcel for a large group looking for their own piece of outdoors nirvana. Great opening bid price considering the numerous types of game available and the size of this property. Southern portion borders property # MIWE 0009. Property is also for sale through Farmers National Co. For questions contact Joe Peterselli: 715-891-1228
Wapello County
88 Acres
First time lease offering - rolling 88 acres with more than 50 timber in Wapello County. Exquisite cover. 4 ponds and a creek. Access from two directions. Landowner keeps ATV trails mowed - perfect for deer movement. Old growth timber in areas provides remote food source and great turkey habitat. Deer are everywhere on the farm. Ask HLN rep for slip to see for yourself. No unaccompanied minors on ATV's. Harvest report to be completed at lease renewal. Text message to landowner prior to each hunting trip. Neighbor has permission to cut/bale hay on 10-15 acres twice/year. No commercial operators please. Bid includes premium on $2.0 million liability coverage.
Shelby County
965 Acres
CHECK OUT THIS MASSIVE AND CONTIGUOUS 965 ACRES IN SHELBY COUNTY!! This lease is smack dab in the heart of Northern Missouri's big buck country. A farm this size is a rare find and offers lots of room to roam! Keep in mind while looking at the aerial that you are looking at about one and one half square miles! Plenty of habitat to hold game. Owner reports high deer numbers. I walked portions of this farm in the winter a few years ago and recall lots of deer sign. The deer stand location possibilities are mind boggling due to the size of this tract! Owner reports and I have watched strong waterfowl use in the fields and on the several lakes/ponds on this farm. It usually gets used heavily by snow geese during the spring light geese season. Nice to have the bonus potential for waterfowl!! The crop acres are planted in corn for 2019. Lots of timber breaks and thick/grassy waterways. Several ponds and creeks will provide constant water sources for the game. Owner will allow the lessee's to use the pictured metal barn located on the property. This would make a great place to camp and store gear and ATV's. Electric and water at this location are an option and negotiable with owner.
Jo Daviess County
29.77 Acres
Game rich area AND property. Open for the first time for a formal hunting lease. Both DEER & TURKEY with BOTH BOW & GUN. Throw in good morel mushroom hunting during your spring turkey season. Easy access to this fenced, heavily mature timbered property. More importantly, the interior of the mostly wooded ground, has nicely cut access trails throughout. This gives one ample access to most any location of the property, when one is playing the wind direction. Besides doing the work of stand and/or ground blind placement, as well as for placing cameras. The pictures on my tour of the property reveal unbelievable deer sign, on this almost 30 acre sanctuary. Most everyone knows that walking a new property in the middle of summer is somewhat affected by the natural heavy forest floor growth. But as you can see, the number and worn trails where literally everywhere. ATV use allowed only for hunting related activity. No trail riding. Food plot(s) allowed with owner permission of area. Absolutely no screw-ins or nails of any kind allowed. Please leave entrance gate as you found it, locked. Bid for two gun/bow hunters includes liability insurance. Town of Stockton is close and offers most things needed to visit the area and enjoy your stay.
Sullivan County
153 Acres
THIS SULLIVAN COUNTY LEASE HAS TONS OF GOOD HABITAT!! Don't let the aerial photos deceive you... I observed lots of thick and gnarly habitat on this farm. The non tillable portions of this farm are not in CRP, however, the habitat quality is very similar. Lots of tall grass, brush and small trees create ideal habitat. Add in the pond located in the center of the property and you have everything you need to get on some Sullivan County bruisers. Crops, thick holding cover, timber and water. I saw numerous deer beds while walking the property. The cover is very secluded and out of view of the roadways. Adjoining farms look to have a lot of habitat as well which should feed this property nicely. Highly sought after area in Northern Missouri! A small barn near the road with a gravel drive would make a great camper spot.
Taylor County
57 Acres
Nice reasonably priced 57 +/- acres with plenty of deer activity. Deer trails and rubs evident through out the property. Plenty of places for set up with stands and ground blinds. This is a great opportunity for father/son or daughter hunters. Some nice deer have been taken off this property in the past. Turkeys present. Landowner is easy to work with but has some restrictions. Parking only at the road entrance to property. No vehicles on fields. ATV use allowed for hunting purposes only and only to be driven on field edges. Tennant farmer cuts hay from the fields and landowner will allow archery hunting in the woods only. Tennant is concerned about errant arrows in the fields when they cut hay so archery hunt in woods only please. No restrictions on where to hunt with rifle/muzzle loader/shotgun. Close to Medford which offers all the amenities. Landowner occasionally cuts firewood on property. He would appreciate a call before hunters go out so he will not show up and disrupt hunting. No restrictions on when to hunt he just does not want to interfere.
Taylor County
80 Acres
Remote 80 acres. Approx. 1 mi. drive from main road. Road has easement through a couple of neighbors properties. This property has high ground and low. Very hilly. Wide range of vegetation/trees. Groomed trails through out the property for access maintained by the owner. All legal game allowed and this is a great place for bear. No shortage of deer sign with many 10+ pointers taken over the years. Plenty of turkeys around. Owner will provide key for locked chain at entrance. ATV's for stand placement and deer removal only. No ATV's on adjoining property. Property sits next to Taylor Co. property and owner will have problems with the county if anyone from his property drives an ATV onto county property. County property lines are marketed with red t-posts. Trailers on property are for owners use only. No camping allowed and no fires please. Owner will not be on property during hunting seasons. Owner will post property and notify easement landowners of who will have access once lease is signed. Some older permanent stands are not to be used if not removed by owner before hand.
Schoolcraft County
97 Acres
97 acres in Schoolcraft County, MI. Two properties for the price of one, located just minutes away from Gulliver and north of Lake Michigan. These properties have 47 acres of hay/tillable and 50 acres of woods. Plenty of room to place stands. It also has a small pond with a wetland area. All legal game can be hunted. Landowner will only allow access during the hunting seasons. He asks that you respect the neighboring property owners and allow him to access the property at any time. Landowner will hay the property during the months of May through September. Camping is allowed during the hunting seasons. Camper can "not" be left on the property if lessee is not onsite. No cattle! $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. No Commercial Use Allowed.
Knox County
280 Acres
280 acres in Knox County, NE. Beautiful pastureland overlooking the Niobrara River. Wooded areas that will offer some good hunting areas. The 10 acre pond is fenced and cattle will not have access. Pasture has 3 locks. Every gate you open to pass through must be closed immediately. Please lock pasture entrance gate when you leave. ATV's can be used for hunting purposes only. Trucks are allowed on the property only when it is dry. If property is muddy, consider ATV or foot traffic only! Camping will be allowed. Property has a hydrant for a water hook-up if needed. Fishing will be allowed during the deer and turkey seasons only. Landowners will reserve the right to also fish the property. Pond offers bluegill, bullheads, large mouth bass & crappie. Cattle are grazed on the property from May 15th - November 1st depending on weather and harvest. No trapping! Landowner reserves the right to clean up overgrown cedars and replace old fencing. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included! Commercial/Outfitter Hunting Allowed!
New York
Sullivan County
136 Acres
Great all around hunting tract, Neversink is excellent fishing, of course it depends on where you fish the River. The corn field is currently harvested for shell corn, was recently harvested. Some good bedding areas between the River and Corn field. The woodlot was harvested about 10 years ago, beech, maple, birch - typical Northern Hardwoods. there are skid roads to access most areas of the woodlot. Blow downs / trees should provide some deer cover. Area has turkey, saw snatchings, supposedly bear??, and deer. Did see a few deer flags / tails when traversing the woods. Did not walk the entire woodlot.
Jefferson County
79 Acres
79 acres located in Jefferson County, NE. River bottom ground on the Little Blue River with Rock Creek flowing through the property. This property has 40 acres of crop and 35 acres of timber with 4 acres of wetlands. Easy access off of Hwy 8 only 1/2 mile east of Endicott. Property boundaries are clearly marked. Landowners are willing to let hunters use existing stands or they can place their own. Landowner will reserve all fishing rights on the property. They are also doing some work on the existing building as you pull into the property that will not affect the hunting. Food Plots will be allowed with approval from landowner. Camping is allowed, but no hookups are currently on the property. There is a building on the property that landowner is willing to allow hunters to use if they need to store their gear. No cattle to worry about on this property. No trapping. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. No Commercial Use Allowed.
New York
Wayne County
93 Acres
Make this your own! enjoy summer camp fires and warm hunting cabin in the fall what could be better.. cabin needs a little TLC inside has not been used in a while .. Deer and turkey sign through out property... most of the land is wet but walk-able. looks to be a deer sanctuary and bedding area through most of property... two access points makes this great come hunting season...
Reno County
80 Acres
SMALL ACREAGE WITH BIG POTENTIAL!!!! Bowhunting only. This is an 80 acre parcel that is just north of Hutchinson. There was plenty of sign as I walked the property, as you can see in the pictures below. Some of the rubs were on trees the size of my calves!!! The property consists of an ag field that is planted to row crops and a swamp. The swamp is bordered by a hedge row and has a very nice woodlot on the east end. There is an island on the south end of the swamp that had some good sign. A likely place for a buck to bed or hunker down with a doe during the rut!! The east end has a thick wood lot and a grassy area with cedar trees. I did jump a buck in this area bedded down for the day. There were plenty of trails in and out of the swamp. A hunter may need a pair of hip boots to traverse the swamp and get to some stand sites or use a trail on the north end that would be a dry route. There was a great amount of sign on the north end of the ag field. There are more trees here then just a hedge row. These are very mature trees and great for stands. I also believe these trees could be roosting trees for turkeys. Great small property for the right price. Only bow hunters for deer. Turkey hunters could use a shot gun. ATV's allowed for hunting purposes only, no trail riding, and avoid damaging the fence on the property. Respect to crops and crop ground is a must! $2 million hunting liability insurance included with lease price.
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