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The following new recreational properties are now available for lease.

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Platte County
149 Acres
PLATTE COUNTY MISSOURI RIVERFRONT LEASE!! Nestled along the Missouri River, this property looks to check all of the boxes for a strong hunt. Lots of timber and crops with constant water for the game. Waterfowl opportunities should be in the mix given the property's location in the flyway and proximity to the Missouri River and Bean lake. No rutting of the crop fields if dry field waterfowl hunting after harvest. Great location for the Kansas City based hunters. Easy access will make the property a breeze to hunt! The cost of the hunting liability insurance is already included in the lease cost.
New York
Cortland County
225 Acres
Get ready to hunt on this amazing 212-acre farm just in time for the hunting season... Call to walk property before bidding this one won't last...
New York
Madison County
511 Acres
Prime flat, wooded hunting spot with a mixture of hardwoods and softwoods, a small agricultural field and other areas of tall brushy habitat. There is 1162’ of road frontage on Black Creek Road with a gated driveway that proceeds 2059 feet into the property before turning into a trail. At the end of the driveway, there is a nice location for a camp and to park vehicles with room enough to turn around. Old logging trails intertwine throughout the property providing access to the interior. Highly desirable area location with prime deer hunting. The main property cover is a very dense mixture of hard and softwoods, with some portions of wet swamp-like areas perfect for big trophy buck cover. Deer sign was evident and the deer have choices on neighboring agricultural properties to feed on corn, soybeans and alfalfa and return to this huge property to bed down and live in. Following QDMA practices, this property could be developed into one of the premier hunting sites in Central New York because of its size, topography and location. Albany is a two-hour drive and only 4 hours from NYC/George Washington Bridge. Unit 7F
Daviess County
160 Acres
Lots of deer and turkey roam this 160 acre farm in Daviess County, Indiana I love this area of the state. With it's rolling hills and crop land, Daviess County is not only beautiful, it also produces it's fair share of trophy bucks each year. This farm should be a great example. A great mix of timber, thick bedding and row crops for a prime food source. The deer sign is very easy to find which suggests above average deer numbers. Turkeys in the Spring should be an added bonus. There is a barn on the south side of the property which could be used as a campsite and a bit of a basecamp. ATV's are permitted but on a very limited basis to hang stands and retrieve game. The landowner requests no riding to and from stands. This is a 12-month lease unless the auction ends after 9/1. In that event, the lease will end on 6/31 of the following year. The lease is an exclusive lease for all legal game.
Becker County
30 Acres
30 acres in Becker County, MN. This property is made up of 15 acres of timber and the remainder is mixed grasses and small brush. Plenty of area to set stands/blinds and be ready for this upcoming hunting season. Landowner says there is a good mixture of game on the property to be hunted. Mainly turkey and deer. The access road is a shared easement so the farmer can access the field to the east. ATV's can be used for hunting purposes only. Only temporary hang-on, climber or ladder stands can be used and absolutely no tree pegs or spikes. Owner asks that you only cut limbs for shooting lanes. Camping is allowed, but the property does not have hookups. Please make sure the camper is not parked on the access road. Landowner reserves the right to access and will notify lessee when they plan to be out there. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included
Ozaukee County
46 Acres
Great opportunity for deer and turkey on this property. Good mix of crop fields and woods. Crops are on rotation with mostly corn in this year. There is a ravine at the northeast corner that is a heavily used bedding area. You could not find a better layout with plenty of tree lines and woods. This property is under the jurisdiction of the City of Mequon. This is a muzzleloader and slug/shot gun only area. All hunters must register with the Mequon police dept. to receive a discharge permit. There is no cost for this. Mequon hunting regulations can be seen in picture section. If you have questions about the regulations call the number in the regulations. No centerfire rifles allowed.
Linn County
177 Acres
APPROXIMATELY 177 ACRES IN LINN CO KANSAS DEER MANAGEMENT 11 ONLY A FEW MILES OFF HIGHWAY 69. Linn County, Kansas is one of the hardest counties to secure a good hunting lease in due to the ever-growing number of trophy deer taken over the years. This property has a couple really well traveled tree lines that you can hunt with any wind. Currently this farm is planted in soybeans and is bringing a lot of deer from the surrounding properties. Do not overlook the small pond near the center of the property, I feel like this would make a great mineral site and really payoff during a dry season. There is access to the property from the East road.
Howard County
144 Acres
144 acres in Howard County, NE. Located just east of Boelus, NE on Hwy 58. This property is a mix of crop and pasture ground. Timber in the NE/SW corners of the property. Set up ground blinds in multiple places around the property for an opportunity to harvest your deer. Take an afternoon stroll through the pasture for a chance at some upland birds. Only available for the NE. Deer Rifle season. One day before to set up and one day after to takedown. Dates are November 11-21. Max of 2 hunters - limit of 1 buck and 1 doe. All other game can also be hunted during the Nebraska deer rifle season. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. No commercial use.
Livingston County
255 Acres
NICE MULTI TRACT LEASE IN LIVINGSTON COUNTY!! All of these tracts had some impressive habitat and are located very close to one another. This lease will provide easy access and room to move round to distribute hunting pressure and hunt different wind directions. May be some waterfowl potential on the tract with the lake given the location and proximity to the flyway. Livingston County and the Chillicothe area are known for waterfowl hunting and big North Missouri bucks! The cost of the hunting liability insurance is included in the lease price. Lots of food and lodging options available in Chillicothe.
Montgomery County
94.5 Acres
Hard to come by Montgomery County Illinois hunting lease with exceptional deer hunting opportunities The way this tract is laid out and the amount of neighboring habitat has this tract crisscrossed with trails and deer sign. It is obvious they are using it a lot. With 20 acres of timber in just the right spots, forming some great inside corners and pockets. I saw several deer while walking this property. The crop field has a wide CRP buffer strip entirely around it (almost 25 acres worth). This makes for a chosen bedding and feeding area and a transition area for deer to feel comfortable in before entering the crop fields. There is tremendous access inside timber with several open trails/roads that have been mowed and cleared by landowner. The deer are using these as well. The timber is thick and these roads make access nice. This is the kind of thick bedding cover that should hold a big Illinois bruiser buck! There is turkey sign and that could be an added bonus when shed hunting next Spring. Please note: No pheasant or quail hunting permitted by this lease. The landowner reserves the right to hunt pheasants and qual during December/January. This is an exclusive lease for all legal game except pheasant and qual. The term will be 1 year unless auction ends after 9/1. In that event the lease will end on 9/1 of the following year.
Howard County
410 Acres
410 acres of Prime hunting ground in Howard County, NE. offered for the 2022 NE. Deer rifle season. This is the first time the landowner has allowed this to be leased. A Wildlife Paradise that has everything you can dream of. It's equipped with everything that you will need to hunt, all you have to do is show up the day before rifle season. There will be 3 treestands and 3 ground blinds already set up. Roughly 45 acres of food plots are already established. Max of 4 hunters - limit of 1 buck and 1 doe. All other game can also be hunted during the NE. deer rifle season only. Other hunting/fishing opportunities - -Waterfowl(owner has a goose pit that can be used), turkey, upland game, etc.. -Fishing allowed in the stocked ponds and is catch and release only. (trout, walleye, blue gill, large mouth bass, crappie, & catfish) Camping allowed - Both water and electric are on site to use. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. No commercial use.
West Virginia
Pleasants County
206 Acres
206 acres in Pleasants County, WV. Located in the Calcutta, Washington District area. * Property consists of 195 acres of timber and the rest in forage/utility ROW * All legal game property * No Trapping * Parking in designated area at 39°21'13.2"N 81°12'20.3"W - see photo of truck * Property boundaries are in the process of being surveyed and will be marked in the future in purple paint * Consider all dwellings in the area as occupied per WVDNR regulation * Clean up all hunting items, remove all trash, brass, arrows, etc. * Climbing and Ladder stands / portable ground blinds are allowed and shall be marked with the owner’s name and phone number. All stands and blinds shall be removed at the completion of the season Landowner reserves the right to do some cutting of trees/timber stand improvements in 2022-2023 but will try to avoid doing this work during the deer season. ATV's can NOT be used. Camping will be available for a temporary basis at the coordinates above. No cattle to worry about. All West Virginia hunting laws must be followed while hunting the property. $2 million hunting liability insurance also included in lease price. Outfitters & Guides must provide additional insurance.
New York
Cattaraugus County
195 Acres
Good all-around timber hunting grounds. Older logging trails through out property. very walkable property, ledges on this track make for good hunting locations. Get out take a walk get ready for this fall hunting season. Unit 9R
Adams County
3150 Acres
Adams County, CO. hunting lease, located 1-1/2 hours east of Denver. A 3150 acre property with approximately 56 Acres of CRP and 380 Acres native prairie with extensive creeks and draws throughout the property. There are 2500 Acres of Winter Wheat (crops vary) and 213 Acres of Irrigated Corn (crops vary) There are mule deer and pronghorn on the property at all times. Good numbers of prairie dogs live on the property. Excellent Dove populations and Pheasants come on the property regularly from nearby commercial pheasant hunting clubs. Five Hundred Sixty Acres of State Trust Land adjoins the property. The property is easily accessible approximately 12 miles from Interstate 70 at Byers, Colorado. Colorado Big Game Management Unit 99. Deer and Pronghorn landowner vouchers may be available. Colorado has Archery, Muzzle loader, regular and late season Rifle Seasons. NOTE: With this lease the hunters will get 5 either sex vouchers for whitetail deer in the 2022 season with the lease. This vouchers will be distributed by the landowner once the property is leased. Landowner reserves the right to predator/pest control and two weekdays of late rifle season mule deer management hunt and two weekdays of rifle season pronghorn management hunt. Commercial use allowed.
Lincoln County
1758 Acres
A contiguous property with approximately 790 Acres of Cropland with South Fork of Republican River going through it with seasonal water flow. This is combined with 61 Acres of CRP Grassland Initiative and 900 Acres Pasture with extensive draws, hills, several dams for water. Coon Creek runs through the Pasture with seasonal water flow. There are large herds of mule deer and pronghorn on the property at all times. The property is easily accessible approximately 10 miles from Interstate 70 at Arriba, Colorado. Camping is available on the property in designated areas. Colorado Big Game Management Unit 114. Mule Deer and Pronghorn landowner vouchers may be available. Colorado has Archery, Muzzleloader and Rifle Seasons. Owner only for predator control and two weekdays deer rifle season owner management hunt. Commercial use allowed. Cattle will be on the property from approximately May through September.
Elbert County
583 Acres
A contiguous property with approximately 483 Acres of Grassland CRP and 100 Acres Forage with extensive draws, hills, several dams for water of 1 acre. There are pronghorn on the property at all times and mule deer regularly visit. Good numbers of prairie dogs. The property is easily accessible approximately 1 mile from Interstate 70 at Agate, Colorado. Colorado Big Game Management Unit 106. Colorado has Archery, Muzzleloader and Rifle Seasons. Mule deer and pronghorn landowner vouchers may be available. Landowner open to possible food plots with approval of location / size. Camping is allowed in designated areas only. There is a locked gate and good boundary markers. Owner only for predator control and two weekdays Pronghorn Rifle Season Owner Management Hunt. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included.
Martin County
52 Acres
A new tract in Martin County Indiana. We have several other tracts in this county and it has been a producer. Several nice deer have come from areas that border this tract. The bucks in the photos below were taken just to the West of this farm. Mostly hardwood timber stand with a couple of grassy openings. There could be potential for a couple nice food plots in these open areas. The tract has lots of topography and sets up nice for archery and gun hunters. Plenty of turkey sign on this tract as well. I saw the really nice Tom in the photo below on this tract during my visit. Lessees must keep a safe distance from the house and the buildings along the East property line. There is a crushed rock parking area inside the gate on the SE corner of the proeprty. This is a 12 month lease unless the auction ends after September 1st. In that event the lease will terminate August 1st the following year.
Mitchell County
240 Acres
Terrific offering with terrific landowners....240 acres in Mitchell County, IA. First time listing. Nice size pond with Little Cedar River running thru the property. 100 acres of woodland with good access to both sides of the river. 140 acres of rotation corn, beans and hay. Feel free to ask HLN rep for slip to visit the farm. Premium on $2.0 million liability policy included in the bid. Commercial operators must show evidence of their own insurance.
Macon County
138 Acres
MACON COUNTY MISSOURI!! The deer don't need big timber! Nice grassy/brushy waterways and plenty of habitat should provide for some shot opportunities for whitetails. All legal game may be pursued on this lease. This farm adjoins nicely to some of the adjoining farms and should provide food source options from ground blinds or tripod style set ups. Affordable opportunity to hunt one of Missouri's most sought after hunting counties! The cost of the hunting liability insurance is already included in the lease cost. If the property should sell during the lease term, the lessee shall receive a pro-rated refund.
Marshall County
144 Acres
144 acres in Marshall County, MN. The property has a yearly crop rotation with a 36 acre private woodland providing native habitat for deer and other game. Next to the property is the Middle River, which will provide water to attract wildlife to the area. If you are needing a place to lodge and eat, it's a short drive from Thief River Falls. This property is offered as a 4 month lease for the exclusive rights to hunt on the 36 acre woodland from November 1, 2022 - February 28, 2023. It's access is in the northeast corner, which you are asked to either walk or the use of an ATV is approved. You can also hunt the edges of the woodland and potentially shoot out into the crop field. Please stay off crop ground unless you are retrieving game. -All legal game -ladder stands allowed -no cattle $2 Million hunting liability insurance included.
Boone County
377 Acres
NICE NORTH CENTRAL MISSOURI LEASE IN BOONE COUNTY!! With great mix of crop land, seasonal creeks and timber, this farm looks promising. Plenty of good potential stand locations and easy access with make it a breeze to hunt. Crop acres are in corn/soybean rotation. Everything needed to provide for good hunting action. Great buck killed 2021 season! Lots of amenities in Centralia and Columbia. Boone County is also an antler point restricted county which helps with the age structure on the big Missouri whitetails! Click Here to see exactly what you will be getting with this lease!
Franklin County
82 Acres
A Complete Recreational Property On The Whitewater River in Franklin County, just east of the historical town of Metamora, IN Great Deer Hunting-Waterfowl Hunting-Fishing-Kayaking-Canoeing-Camping Don't miss out on this recreational tract that is so much more than a great deer hunting property. This is your chance to have a half mile of private access to the Whitewater River. Approximately 20 woodland acres along the river. There is a lot of deer sign along the edge of the crop field and down along the river. Several good possible stand locations along these edges. There are thousands of acres of timber on neighboring farms and the deer density in this area is high. There should be great movement up and down this stretch of timber when the deer start moving good. It is one big funnel! The waterfowl hunting on the Whitewater River can be fantastic. I would not discount shooting your limit of ducks and geese a time or two on this lease. There are a couple of good spots around the sandbars to set up with decoys and get brushed in. Another added bonus is the fishing in the Whitewater River can be extremely fun and productive. The river is wadeable in most places, most of the time. The river is home to a great population of smallmouth bass, walleye and the white bass run in the Spring can be fast and furious fun. Brookville Lake is only 15-20 minutes. At 5,200 acres, you can have fun on a kayak or bring a big boat. It has a above average population of nice walleye and is known for it's good bass, crappie, bluegill & Catfish. There is also 2 state recreational areas around the lake that provide additional hunting opportunities and over 400 campsites. There are lots of cabins for rent around the Metamora/Brookville area. There is actually a cabin right across the road from the property called the Grand Arbor Cabin. Information on it can be found at Brookville Cabin Rentals (888) 372-3153
Shelby County
124 Acres
One big creek bottom funnel in Shelby County, IL. A great stretch of Robinson Creek with nice timber on both sides. We have other listings in Shelby County just like this one that have been very successful over the years. I look for this one to be no different. The deer are using this creek cover to traverse these fields and for a primary source of water. Several good trees for some good stand sets.
Nodaway County
240 Acres
NODAWAY COUNTY LEASE LOCATED IN NORTHWEST MISSOURI AVAILABLE!! Fantastic looking hunting farm with plenty of timber and cover mixed in with highly productive farm land. Two separate tracts will make keeping the hunting pressure minimal with lots of options for stand locations. Constant water sources in the form of ponds and seasonal creeks complete the recipe for potential success on this property. Nodaway County is an antler point restricted county which helps the age structure of the bucks! Missouri tags are over the counter and easy to obtain. There may be some drain tile/terrace work conducted on the west side of the southern tract. The cost of the hunting liability insurance is already included in the lease cost. Strong trail cam pics and harvest photo from the 2021.
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