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The following new recreational properties are now available for lease.

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Sullivan County
382 Acres
382 acres of insane habitat in Sullivan County, MO!! This particular farm has an abundance of thick cover that is hard to come by in this portion of the state! There are crops to the East and West, and access from the North and West. This is not a property you want to miss out on! -Abundance of cover and pinch points. -Easy access to keep pressure low. -Secluded and very easy to manage. -$2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included
Nemaha County
262 Acres
262 acres in Nemaha County, NE. Property is located west of Brock NE, just over an hour from both Omaha and Lincoln. This property has a yearly corn/bean rotation. The timber runs along Piper Creek on the south side of the property. The property also has a nice shelterbelt of trees that runs through the center of the property. Landowner notes that the deer love to bed in this area and use it for travel routes. Boundaries are clearly marked with either roads of timberlines. This one is ready to camp and hunt on for the 2019 season. Get your bid in today. Camping allowed with water and electric hook-ups. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included! No Commercial use.
Sullivan County
807 Acres
MASSIVE 871 ACRE LEASE IN SULLIVAN COUNTY, MO!! This tract has all the right ingredients to make a great hunting destination. With rolling hills with lots of cover, to long and thick patches of timber, there are sure to be big deer roaming this piece of Northern Missouri land. -There is food and water available to the wildlife on this farm. -Turkey hunting opportunities should be plentiful. -$2 Million Hunting Liability Included. -Access from multiple directions and ATVs are allowed for hunting purposes.
Sullivan County
240 Acres
240 acres located in Sullivan County, MO!!! Rolling hills with timber breaks and lots of good habitat. Ponds and seasonal creeks will provide for constant water sources. Great access will make this property easy to hunt. Lots of room to spread out and hunt multiple potential stand locations. All gates must be left as found as cattle may be present on parts of this farm at times. Lots of acres without cows as well.
Sullivan County
460 Acres
Get your own slice of Whitetail heaven located in Sullivan County, MO!!! This farm is incredible, and the aerial shows just that. When visiting this farm, is was very obvious that this farm held tons of wildlife. The rolling hills of cover adjoin crop fields, which naturally make a deer highway right through the middle of the farm! -Deer sign was EXTREMELY prevalent on this farm. -Natural bedding areas will make managing this property easy. -Plenty of great locations to hang stand or place blinds. -$2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included.
Sullivan County
451 Acres
451 acres of incredible habitat located in Sullivan County, MO!! This farm is ideal when it comes to hunting whitetail in Northern Missouri. It has tons of natural pinch points and travel corridors that will make finding and killing giant whitetails easy. The property is surrounded by crop fields and will offer wildlife plenty of cover. -Water source located on property and food very close by. -Access from the East and North boundary make for quiet and quick entrance/exit. -Timber is thick and will hold wildlife. -$2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included.
Sheboygan County
71 Acres
This property offers plenty of opportunities for long range and open shooting. No shortage of deer as they cross this property constantly especially the east to west tree line that divides the crop ground on the south. Property has not been hunted. Ground blinds will work well here once the crops are out. Plenty of turkey and lease will run through June 1, 2020 to cover spring turkey season. All legal game. $2 Million liability insurance included with lease.
Madison County
160 Acres
160 acres located in Madison County, NE. This property has a good mixture of creek bottom, trees, CRP and pasture ground. Plenty of areas to get set up for your hunt and the property is surrounded by crop ground. All legal game property ready to hunt this year. CRP in the NE corner is under a fresh contract, so management will be required to do some sort of activity on it like shred it down, lightly disc it, or do a fire burn. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. No Commercial Use Allowed.
Pawnee County
782 Acres
Great creek bottom property in Unit 17!! This is a typical western Kansas property except for the fact that 3 out of the 5 quarters have wooded creek bottom running through them. Two of these creek bottoms are grazed, but the cattle come off at the beginning of November. Plenty of time to get your feeders set up and get the does coming in before the rut. The quarter that did not have cattle on it was the middle property in the pictures below that show all 5 quarters in the same picture. The creek meanders making a bunch of small pockets on both sides of the creek. This 160 acres would hunt more like 320 acres by itself. The cover is great and native grass tall. I jumped at least a dozen deer on this piece and one very nice ten point buck that was at least 150". There are plenty of mature trees, on all the properties with creek bottom, to place stands. There is also water on all of the sections. I saw a real nice flock of turkeys on the creek bottom. Plenty of roosting trees. Most of the surrounding crop ground was in corn. When it gets cut, the deer that were staying in it will be looking to head back to the creek bottom. The pasture land to the NW does not have cattle on it and doesn't usually. It does not look like much but there are two draws that meet up at a pond. The draw drop down below the surrounding ag fields and have great grass for bedding. When walking it, I found many beds and sign. The pond had tracks covering the banks. There are no trees for stands but a ground blind or tower blind would work great on this property. When the pressure kicks up, I could see some big deer hanging out in these two draws. Owner reserves the right to pasture cattle. ATV's allowed for hunting purposes only, no trail riding, and avoid damaging the fence on the property. Respect to crops and crop ground is a must! $2 million hunting liability insurance included with lease price. Outfitters/guides must provide their own additional insurance.
New York
Broome County
143 Acres
143 Acres Mostly wooded with a stream running through a good portion of the property. There is low laying new growth near swampy area, a hemlock forest in a wetter area, 10-acre old field and a northern hardwood north hillside and top of hill area. There are good access roads (skid trails) through most of the property. NOTE: Currently there is no logging going on. The Bid date to buy timber is December 5th.. At that time logger who brought timber can go in after January 15th remove timber and have a year to do so... Up to the December 4th timber buyers can walk property with appointment.. foresters and loggers will be on property at times...cost of property has been adjusted for this activity...
New York
Sullivan County
200 Acres
The site is very private, quiet, Small meadow with apple trees and pond site; extensive trail network, Nearby are state lands to include 1700 acres off of the end of Skinner Road. is open to hunting, contains a fair population of bears and deer Quality trout fishing is available nearby in the Neversink River The woodlands consist of evergreens and red and / or white oaks. Numerous pockets of small evergreen saplings and blueberry brushes are scattered through out the woodlands. There are seasonal stream channels and woodland pools. While there are several ancient tree stands not to be used, hunters are encouraged to erect their own stands and blinds. Again an extensive trail network makes accessing most any stand, blind and any harvested game easy. Lands maybe utilized in the off season for recreation, scouting, stand setups. The lands are to be enrolled into a forest management program. Cabin and bus are available through landowner There is a country deli & post office nearby (about 1 mile away) for supplies. Cell phone reception is mixed. NY Wildlife Management Unit Unit 3K
New York
Broome County
97 Acres
Corn may be down within a week or so, lots of deer sign ... If corn is up there is room on the North east corner for a vehicle or ATV to get access the wooded area if so choose not to walk...
Campbell County
997 Acres
997 acres in Campbell County, TN. Mountainous wooded terrain, old coal & timber country situated above rural valley. Highly desired hunt country for deer & turkey. Please, no hunting in the valley. Camping is approved, but property does not have hook-ups. Lessees may be able to arrange for lease, purchase or rental of lodging/RV parking in valley community or Oswego, or Jellico. Certain mining structures on the tract are off limits. Timber may be under harvesting operations in certain areas during the lease term. Exercise caution with livestock inside double. Landowner reserves the right to harvest timber and mine coal throughout the year. Absolutely, no screw in tree steps or nailing of signs in any trees on the property. No marketable timber to be cut, trimming for shooting lanes will be approved. If landowner happens to sell the property at any time during the lease, he will prorate the months lost on the lease. All legal game! Food Plots Allowed with landowners approval. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included Note: A narrow strip of this tract lies over the state line in KY. Lessees should take this in consideration when hunting and licensing. This lease can be combined with TNEA 0004.
Lancaster County
154 Acres
154 acres in Lancaster County, NE. Just a short drive north of Lincoln. This farm sits 1 mile north from Branched Oak Lake & 1.5 miles South from Wildwood Lake. A high population of deer travel between those lakes through this draw. Made up of a yearly corn and bean rotation (corn 2019) with 13 acres of timber and waterways. If you are still looking for a lease for the 2019/20 season, this one could be yours. ATV's can be used for hunting purposes only. Respect to crops is a must. Landowner will have to approve camping on the property. Landowner reserves the right to all normal farming rights of crops and maintenance on the property. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. No Commercial Use Allowed.
Richardson County
120 Acres
NEW PRICE on this 120 acres in Richardson County, NE. Located 20 minutes south of Auburn, NE. This property has a yearly corn/bean rotation.(corn on 40, beans on 80 in 2019) There is the small pond toward the back of the 40 acre piece surrounded by grass. On the 80, there is a creek that runs along the east boundary. Both of these properties are lined with timber. If you are looking for a last minute property, get your bid in today. Last time the landowner was down to visit the property, a large buck was bedding down in the barn. He also states that a lot of deer pass around and through this property. Landowner reserves the right for all normal farm tenant & landowner rights regarding the crops and maintenance on the property. Respect to crops is a must! Landowner reserves the right to do mineral testing on the property. If this occurs, it won't be until 2020. Nothing has been confirmed at this point. ATV's are allowed, with respect to the crops. Landowner asks that you use common sense in muddy conditions. Landowner is willing to allow the lessee to use the barn on the 40 acre tract. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. No Commercial Use Allowed.
Jefferson County
107 Acres
106 acres in Jefferson County, MT. Take a look at this beautiful property located in Montana. You will have multiple opportunities to hunt many different species on this one. Located very close to the Beaver-Head Deer Lodge National Forest. This property is loaded with timbered areas and native grasses. Even though this piece seems small at 107 acres, it is offered at a very reasonable price for the types of hunting that can be done on it. Property is gated and the boundaries are marked. Landowner will allow food plots upon approval first. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included!
Jackson County
275 Acres
Great Property, home to some monster deer, (see pics). Property has it's share of alfalfa, and red clover is found in a number of the pastures. No shortage of oaks. Years ago a previous owner planted apple trees around the property that are still producing large amounts of apples. Pictures of apple trees below are not from trees in an orchard but from trees planted along fence lines etc. Property was cut over about five years ago and now you have areas of some really thick growth that large bucks like to hang in. As many as 18 deer have been taken (farm tags) off this property in 1 season. No problem locating trails, scrapes and rubs. Land owner says a neighbor found a shed this summer that belonged to the buck in the trail camera pictures below. So he's still around? Property was not that heavily hunted last year. Owner is fine with a camper being placed on the property. There is a camp ground at the intersection of County Rd. B and S.Prairie about 1 mi from this farm. Osseo is right on Interstate 94 and has all the amenities.
Dickinson County
83 Acres
83 acres in Dickinson County, MI. This property has not been hunted in a while. When I visited there was plenty of deer sign. Plenty of heavy cover and wide open shooting areas. Property frequented by plenty of deer, bear, coyote, grouse, turkey. All sorts of set up areas. Numerous old roads and trails on property for easy access. Great Michigan hunting on this parcel. Very remote area. All legal game. $2 Million liability insurance provided. Outfitters and guides welcome. Outfitters and guides to provide their own commercial liability policy. Northwest corner borders property MIWE 0010. Property also listed for sale through Farmers National Company. Please contact Joe Peterselli with any questions @ 715-891-1228.
Fillmore County
237 Acres
240 acres in Fillmore County, MN. Located in southeast MN, just outside of Spring Valley. This property has 190 acres of corn/bean rotation with the rest in timbered areas(corn-2019). Good areas for stand placement located in a number of spots around the property. Landowner says that you will have the opportunity to hunt both deer and turkey on this tract. Landowner is willing to meet winning bidder in Spring Valley and show them around the property. Property has a locked gate at the entrance and boundaries are clearly marked. ATV's can be used for hunting purposes only, after harvest. $2 Million hunting liability insurance included in the lease price. No commercial use allowed.
Morris County
510 Acres
CHECK OUT THIS PROPERTY! LANDOWNER REPORTS THAT BUCKS ARE MOVING. A LITTLE OVER 500 ACRES IN MORRIS CO. KANSAS NEAR COUNCIL GROVE. YOU WILL NEED SOME GOOD HUNTING BOOTS IF YOU ARE GOING TO SCOUT ALL OF THIS FLINT HILL PROPERTY! This lease has 2 tracts, both are no doubt typical native Kansas Flint Hills with rolling hills and great vantage points for some easy scouting without adding unwanted pressure before season begins. The south tract has a group of trees in the NW corner with a waterway in the bottom of the property starting in the SE corner. The larger tract to the North will be the high ground in this area as there is a wooded draw that will run and exit to the eastside of the property. As an archery hunter, I like the east road as an entry with a south wind. There is a nice gate to park your vehicle on the property. For the north wind days, I would enter from the SW corner. As for firearms season there are several locations that will be promising on the top of the hillsides overlooking the timber. There are cattle on this property for a short pasture grazing season and are usually off before season starts. This would give you plenty of time to put up your feeder and trail cameras to start assessing the local population. This area has produced a lot of great deer in the past and was not hunted in the 2018 season. ATV use for hunting purposes only and the grass is tall so use caution. No vehicles traffic.
Muscatine County
173 Acres
First time listing...170+ acres bordering the Wapsinonoc Creek in Muscatine County. Prime habitat with much water and an adjacent crop field. Deer signs in all the right places. Easy access from the north...parking is convenient. Landowner and farm manager are good to work with. Commercial operators must provide evidence of insurance. Landowner requests that extra care be taken to avoid rutting...with no debris/garbage dumped on the property or in the creek. Leasing prospects are encouraged to visit the farm in advance of a bid. Ask HLN rep for windshield slip. Harvest report to be completed and returned upon lease renewal. Premium on $2.0 million liability policy included in bid.
Dickinson County
92 Acres
Easy access property with hunting on both sides of the highway. There is a gravel driveway on the eastern side of Hwy 95 parcel. Open areas with plenty of woods. Diverse habitat. Old roads and trails on the property. Plenty of deer, bear and turkey in the area. Railroad tracks run through property. Available for commercial outfitters, (Must provide commercial insurance).
Dickinson County
786 Acres
Remote and rugged 786 acres. Eastern portion is pretty wide open allowing for long range shooting opportunities.. Plenty of heavy woods and open areas. Numerous roads and trails through out property for easy access. Some cut over areas. Property is available to outfitters and commercial operations, ( must provide commercial liability insurance). All legal came available and there are plenty of deer, turkey and bear. Excellent parcel for a large group looking for their own piece of outdoors nirvana. Great opening bid price considering the numerous types of game available and the size of this property. Southern portion borders property # MIWE 0009. Property is also for sale through Farmers National Co. For questions contact Joe Peterselli: 715-891-1228
Wapello County
88 Acres
First time lease offering - rolling 88 acres with more than 50 timber in Wapello County. Exquisite cover. 4 ponds and a creek. Access from two directions. Landowner keeps ATV trails mowed - perfect for deer movement. Old growth timber in areas provides remote food source and great turkey habitat. Deer are everywhere on the farm. Ask HLN rep for slip to see for yourself. No unaccompanied minors on ATV's. Harvest report to be completed at lease renewal. Text message to landowner prior to each hunting trip. Neighbor has permission to cut/bale hay on 10-15 acres twice/year. No commercial operators please. Bid includes premium on $2.0 million liability coverage.
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