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The following new recreational properties are now available for lease.

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Anderson County
240 Acres
240 ACRES IN ANDERSON COUNTY KANSAS, NICE ALL AROUND PROPERTY WITH OPPORTUNITY TO DEER AND WATERFOWL HUNT! UNIT 11 This lease is only 8 miles from the Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant! It is no secret waterfowl hunters know where to go for open water. Landowner has 2 small shallow ponds that seems to provide a nice waterfowl hunt after you stamp your deer permit. On my property inspection, I bumped several deer out of the timber and jumped a dozen or so ducks off one of the ponds. Landowner lives on the property so rest assure when you’re not there no one else will be hunting. Predator trapping after deer season sometimes.
Cass County
40 Acres
The old saying "sometimes great things come in small packages" is what I think of when listing this tract. 40 acres with a nice block of timber in the northwest corner of the property. The property lays right on the edge of the Beardstown Drainage and most of the deer in this area use this drainage and the surrounding habitat. There is no lack of deer sign on this farm. The amount of browse damage around the edge of the timber was very very noticeable this past Fall. This landowner would like to have a deer professionally processed and frozen for themselves if possible.
Marshall County
144 Acres
144 acres in Marshall County, MN. The property has a yearly crop rotation with a 36 acre private woodland providing native habitat for deer and other game. Next to the property is the Middle River, which will provide water to attract wildlife to the area. If you are needing a place to lodge and eat, it's a short drive from Thief River Falls. This property is offered as a 3 month lease for the exclusive rights to hunt on the 36 acre woodland from November 1, 2021 - January 31, 2022. It's access is in the northeast corner, which you are asked to either walk or the use of an ATV is approved. "You can also hunt the edges of the woodland and potentially shoot out into the crop field. Please stay off crop ground unless you are retrieving game. -All legal game -no cattle $2 Million hunting liability insurance included. Commercial/Outfitter Hunting Allowed.
New York
Tompkins County
105 Acres
Outstanding hunting ground just outside of Newfield NY access from two locations, make this property easy to get around large hayfields that lead back too small timber and Creek in the back lots of deer sign, traveling from western part property and to the fields 12 months from lease start date unless leased during start of 2021 archery season then lease will expire 8/31/22 call or your email for more details 1-888-hunthln
Shelby County
124 Acres
One big creek bottom funnel in Shelby County, IL. A great stretch of Robinson Creek with nice timber on both sides. We have other listings in Shelby County just like this one that have been very successful over the years. I look for this one to be no different. The deer are using this creek cover to traverse these fields and for a primary source of water. Several good trees for some good stand sets.
Marathon County
55 Acres
Deer - turkey and waterfowl lease. Don't judge a book by it's cover. This property has all sorts of good set-up locations for bow. Also, a good number of setup spots for rifle. Deer are moving from the wooded property to the north through a grass strip in the corn field to the pond. Also, a lot of deer sign in the wooded area in the southwest corner of the property. Deer are also coming through this area to the pond. Large trees provide for excellent stand sites over the corn field and travel routes to the pond. GET THE DECOY"S OUT!! Property is planted in corn and with the pond this is a great place to set up for geese. Occasional ducks. Owner will allow food plots in the SW corner area. Also, there is an old home site on the eastern portion of property along Hwy. 97 that owner will allow camping on.
Platte County
260 Acres
260 acres located just outside of Kansas City! Do not miss out on your chance at 260 acres of hunting heaven in Platte County! This farm is loaded with wildlife, and should offer some great hunts. There is a great mixture of tillable and timber. The funnels of timber on this farm layout nicely and will offer plenty of stand locations. Solid access from the highway will make sneaking in and out a breeze! Click Here to see exactly what you will be getting with this lease!
New York
Allegany County
298 Acres
SPRING TURKY SEASON ONLY !! Very good flock of birds roosting on property. good access, logging available about 10 minutes away on Rushford lake spend the afternoon fishing or just enjoy the lake... 1st night of logging is free with lease. must make reservation in advance . Guides welcome call or your email for more details 1-888-hunthln
New York
Allegany County
320 Acres
SPRING TURKY SEASON ONLY !! very good flock of birds roosting on property. good access, logging available about 10 minutes away on Rushford lake spend the afternoon fishing or just enjoy the lake... 2 nights of logging is free with lease. sleeps 6 must make reservation in advance . Pursuit channel films fall whitetail hunting here.. Pretty cool! call or your email for more details 1-888-hunthln
Dickinson County
314 Acres
APPROXIMATELY 314 ACRES IN DICKINSON COUNTY KS DEER MANAGEMENT UNIT 8 NEAR ENTERPRISE KS!!! Location is everything when searching for a trophy whitetail property and this lease is in a great location. Easy access to the property with great hunting all around the area are only a couple of features this hunting lease has to offer. The aerial photos just don’t do the property justice nor do they show the rolling hills and native prairie grasses so please take a look at the attached topography map and photos. The west part of property has crop ground next to the pasture. When you drop down into the wooded draw you will see the creek going north to south and as you move farther north the timber thins just enough to be able to have a clear shot all around you. In my opinion, on the westside of the lease the best locations will be the far north and south ends of the draw. I also like the north-center portion of the lease as it should be easy to access along the waterways or north property line. This area is thicker than it looks and there was plenty of deer sign in the wheat fields on my visit. There are gates on the south road and a couple waterways to use to sneak into your stand location when the wind is right. There will be plenty of opportunity on this lease in November. I would expect there will be a lot of traffic from the north and south and running right through the property. Landowner Rules and Considerations Hay is baled in waterways Cattle have access to pasture, ponds, creeks and trees Pasture may be burned in late March No open fires without Lessor written permission No alcohol consumption before hunting ATV's and Vehicles on pasture only. Lessee responsible to make sure gates are closed. No hunters under age 16 Notify farmers by text in advance of dates you will be hunting
Columbia County
82 Acres
Nice 82 +/- acres. This property is spread out and is on both sides of Fenske Rd. Deer are traveling from the woods on the western parcel into the fields to the south. Wooded area contains hardwoods and has numerous oaks. Quite a few rubs in the woods. Numerous well traveled tree lines that would be great for stands and open shooting on the east parcels. The parcel on the southwest portion attracts all types of waterfowl. Neighbors property to the west has ponds that are frequently visited by waterfowl. The cranes pictured in the field flew into the ponds when I was there then left the ponds and landed in the field on the south west parcel. This field would be great for decoy set up. Landowner may allow a camper. Columbia County is one of those counties with high demand for good hunting property. Lots of turkey activity on this property during the spring. Columbia County is located in the Southern Farmland Zone 2.
Wayne County
72.5 Acres
THERE ARE GIANTS ROAMING THIS WAYNE COUNTY RIVER BOTTOM Don't overlook this lease! Simply looking at only the aerial map of this property, a person may question the quality of this lease. However, sometimes the location of the property ways more on the value of a property than the amount of timber, etc...Quite frankly, location will be the most important factor in killing big bucks. Look at the zoomed out aerial and notice that this property connects the north end of the two biggest blocks of timber in the area. There is a ton of sign indicating a major crossing. This will be increase when they start moving more during the early phases of the rut. This lease will produce opportunities. When you have some timber in the right location and you mix in a quality deer herd with a above average deer density, this little corner of habitat could produce big for the sportsman willing to give it a chance. I have been known to say that the right hedge row in Illinois could be worth more than 100 acres of timber if the location is right. The neighboring properties have a history of producing some giants. These big bucks don't know the property lines and from the sign around these field edges, it will just be a matter of time before one makes a mistake this Fall. Lodging is available at the Briarwood Inn and great meals at Five Brothers Restaurant. Both are only minutes away in Fairfield, IL This lease is a 1 year term, unless the auction ends after September 1st. In that event, the lease will end August 1st of the following year, resulting in less than 1 year
New York
Cattaraugus County
330 Acres
Hunting season with access to NY hunting and PA ground. To Access from the PA side, must use access from the NY side. Make sure you have proper hunting licenses from NY and PA when hunting this property. Property is mostly wooded, older logging roads with small Atv trails help with setting stands and retrieving game. Property borders are painted Blue For permission pass or questions email or call.
Shelby County
190 Acres
First time listing - 190 remote acres in Shelby County, IA. Wonderful combination of rolling hills, creek, crops and woody habitat. When crops are in the field, access from east edge of creek, next to bridge, off of 2300th. Perfect place for parents to bring young hunters into the fold. Landowners are interested in making the lease work. Bid includes premium on $2.0 million liability insurance. No commercial outfitters please.
Palo Alto County
240 Acres
Rare opportunity to pick up a first-time-lease property as a waterfowl hunting arrangement. Landowner is a long time conservationist and has developed this 7 lake/marsh area farm to include native prairie grasses, food plots, and 60 acres of crops. Acreage involved in either marshland or lakes is about 90. This is a legal waterfowl species only lease. Landowner is great individual who will help you initially get organized. Ducks are combination of local and migratory. Property located midway between Lost Island Lake and Ingham Cunningham Lake, in lake country. Free free to ask HLN to visit. Bid includes premium for $2.0 million hunting liability insurance. No commercial operators please.
West Virginia
Hampshire County
930 Acres
This one has it all. 930 acres in Hampshire County, located outside of Yellow Spring, WV. The property consists of 830 acres of timber, 100 acres of open fields and 3.5 miles of Cacapon River shoreline. Approximately 180 acres of the property were recently logged. There is good forest regeneration and access via the old skid trails and trails. NOTE - Approximately 30 acres around the residence and business are a no hunting area resulting in 900 acres of land for this lease. * All legal game property – allowed within season. Photo of skull taken on the property on June 25, 2020. * Fishing is available on the Hawk Run (Brook Trout) and the Cacapon River (1.25 miles) with Small Mouth Bass, Panfish, etc. * Waterfowl hunting is available, but not permanent blinds are allowed. * No Trapping rights. * Parking available in two (2) areas. Both are accessed from Capon Spring Road. Both areas are large enough to park 10-12 RVs. * Property boundaries are not clearly marked, but the land was surveyed and property corners are marked. The entire Eastern and about 50% of the Southern Border are along the George Washington National Forest. The Western boundary is Route 259. * There are buildings/dwelling on the property, near Route 259, (Carpers Pike) on the Western side. These structures are associated with a business operation that is accessed via Route 259. * No Food Plots. * Climbing and Ladder stands / portable ground blinds are allowed and shall be marked with the owner’s name and phone number. All stands and blinds shall be removed at the completion of the season. * ATV use allowed for hunting purposes only to drop off stands and recovery of game. There are currently open skid trails/dirt roads that can be used. * Dry Camping is allowed in the parking areas. * No cattle. * All West Virginia hunting laws must be followed while hunting the property. Hunters are advised to check WVDNR regulation regarding transport of deer harvest. * $2 million hunting liability insurance also included in lease price. * Outfitters & Guides allowed. * Respect to property and the owner is a must and the key to long term access. * Best access is from Capon Springs Road. * No Access is allowed on the last weekend of April and the last weekend of September. * Hampshire County is a Chronic Wasting Disease Area and WVDNR CWD regulations apply.
Lawrence County
501 Acres
BIG ROLLING HARDWOOD TIMBER IN LAWRENCE COUNTY INDIANA, SOUTHWEST OF BEDFORD, INDIANA If you like to hunt big bucks and turkeys in the hardwoods, this property is for you. Lots of acorn producing white oaks litter these big ridges. Plenty of good deer and turkey sign observed while walking the property. Birds were gobbling during my last visit to this property and I saw several deer. A couple were bucks with about 2-3 inches of antler growth already. Very good access off the black top county road. There is very good access throughout the entire property via old logging roads. Several good spots for possible food plots in logging roads or old logging yards. Little hidey hole food plots like this can be magnets on these big woods tracts. Property backs up to several thousand acres of Hoosier National Forest. The landowners primary use of the property is for the timber. Please be very respectful of this when setting stands. Please note that there may be some cutting of select timber during the off seasons. For timbering purposes, this property is divided into 1/5's. When cutting timber, they will only cut in one of those 1/5's at a time. This will always ultimately enhance the wildlife on this property. There is a great spot just off the road to park a camper, rv or just your truck and trailer. This would make a perfect base camp. Hotels & Restaurants are nearby in Bedford Located about 1-1/2 hours from Indy and Louisville.
Jefferson County
309 Acres
Outstanding 3 tract offering/price just reduced - upland game birds. Washington County and Jefferson County, IA. Ideal for father introducing hunting to sons and daughters. Prime area of the state for pheasant population. Landowner excited to have you out there. Several draws, ditches, pastures, crop sections, waterways and filter strips hold the birds on these rustic and remote properties - with attractive bird habitat in excellent area of state. Feel free to ask HLN rep for site visit slip. Landowner lives near the Washington Cty. farms. Premium for $2.0 million hunting liability insurance policy included in bid. No commercial operators please.
New York
Sullivan County
200 Acres
The site is very private, quiet, Small meadow with apple trees and pond site; extensive trail network, Nearby are state lands to include 1700 acres off of the end of Skinner Road. is open to hunting, contains a fair population of bears and deer Quality trout fishing is available nearby in the Neversink River The woodlands consist of evergreens and red and / or white oaks. Numerous pockets of small evergreen saplings and blueberry brushes are scattered through out the woodlands. There are seasonal stream channels and woodland pools. While there are several ancient tree stands not to be used, hunters are encouraged to erect their own stands and blinds. Again an extensive trail network makes accessing most any stand, blind and any harvested game easy. Lands maybe utilized in the off season for recreation, scouting, stand setups. The lands are to be enrolled into a forest management program. Cabin and bus are available through landowner There is a country deli & post office nearby (about 1 mile away) for supplies. Cell phone reception is mixed. NY Wildlife Management Unit Unit 3K Contact Tom Dziekan at or Ashley Atkins at
Jefferson County
107 Acres
107 acres in Jefferson County, MT. Take a look at this beautiful property located in Montana. You will have multiple opportunities to hunt many different species on this one. Located very close to the Beaver-Head Deer Lodge National Forest. This property is loaded with timbered areas and native grasses. Even though this piece seems small at 107 acres, it is offered at a very reasonable price for the types of hunting that can be done on it. Property is gated and the boundaries are marked. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included!
Schoolcraft County
97 Acres
97 acres in Schoolcraft County, MI. Two properties for the price of one, located just minutes away from Gulliver and north of Lake Michigan. These properties have 47 acres of hay/tillable and 50 acres of woods. Plenty of room to place stands. It also has a small pond with a wetland area. Landowner will only allow access during the hunting seasons. He asks that you respect the neighboring property owners and allow him to access the property at any time. Landowner will hay the property during the months of May through September. Camping is allowed during the hunting seasons. Camper can "not" be left on the property if lessee is not onsite. No cattle! $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. No Commercial Use Allowed. For more information please contact Joe Peterselli @ 715-891-1228 or email him at
Allen County
85 Acres
UNIT 11, APPROXIMATELY 85 ACRES IN THE PERFECT LOCATION ON THE NEOSHO RIVER IN ALLEN COUNTY KANSAS! This lease has plenty of native timber that will make for some good roosting trees along with crop ground, river access and a nice road going in and out. This area is rich in whitetail deer, turkey and there should be some good waterfowl hunting on the Neosho River. I noted plenty of deer and turkey sign on this property. There is walk-in hunting close by for added ground if you would like to separate yourself from your buddies, if you feel the need. Archery Deer hunting and Shotgun for birds. Just a few miles away is the town of Iola for all your lodging and supply needs. There is a road going through this property that you should be able to see on an aerial photo. Lessee is fully and solely responsible for making the Lessor and lessor’s farm tenant (if any) whole for any damage caused to Lessor’s or Lessor’s farm tenant related equipment, fences, irrigation or stock watering equipment, livestock or crop damage caused by the Lessee’s or Lessee’s invitees’ activity on the Property.
New York
Broome County
81 Acres
30 acres of meadow sloping away from the road to the west. Remainder is woods and brush. Great amount of food, water and cover. Property is posted well. Property to the NW is also leased through the Hunting Lease Network.
Langlade County
40 Acres
Great Langlade County location. This 40 was lightly hunted last year. Some really thick cover and some bottom ground make this a great place for bucks to hang out. Plenty of stand locations. Property is surrounded by heavy woods. Plenty of open spots for shooting. Owner does not hunt and this is a deer and Spring 2022 turkey lease. Saw plenty of turkey hens with their young. Property is also not far from Antigo which hosts all the amenities. Landowner will allow a camper and there is a concrete pad behind house to put camper on if you want.
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