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Geneva County, AL
168 Acres | Hunting and Fishing
Property Summary
Property #: ALSO 0041
Acres: 168
County: Geneva
Closest City: Samson, Alabama
Max # of Hunters: 4
Lease Period Date: 11/01/2018 to 08/01/2019
Auction Status
Auction Ended: Property Leased
Current Lease on this property ends 8/1/2019 .
Property Details
This property joins Geneva State Forest Wildlife Management Area! You have the opportunity to harvest all legal game and fishing/canoeing in beautiful Flat Creek!

Access to this lease is through Geneva State Forest and you are required to obey all State Forest rules while traveling through this public land. You are required to keep long guns unloaded and
away from ammunition. It is recommended that you keep unloaded long guns in your truck and ammunition in truck tool box while traveling through the State forest.

Maximum number of hunters allowed on this lease at any one time: Up to Four (4), including guest hunter(s).

Size restrictions for harvested bucks: Must be 6 points or better or inferior/cull bucks.
Lessee(s) and guests are asked to use quality deer management.

One Lessee (hunter who signs the Hunting/Fishing Lease document) needs to give written permission to any guest hunter. ***Please note that this also includes any club member who does not sign the original lease paperwork.***

Game food plots may be planted in existing cleared areas.

No deer hunting with dogs. But, tracking dogs are allowed to help find deer.

No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.

Respect and care for this property is required.....No littering....No trespassing.....Respect and care for neighbors and property boundaries is required.

ATV's and utility vehicles are allowed for hunting related purposes only. No trail riding for safety reasons and to help prevent erosion on the interior roads.

This property is for sale and Lessor reserves the right to sell, exchange or convey all or any part. In the event of such sale, exchange or conveyance and, if the new owner wishes to control the hunting rights, this lease shall automatically terminate, as of the closing date, as to the portion of the property sold, exchanged or conveyed. Lessor shall refund a pro-rata portion of the advanced, unearned rental paid by Lessee(s) as set forth below. Hunting season is defined as the first day of deer (bow season) until the last day of turkey season.


During hunting season: Pro-rata refund based upon percentage
of hunting season remaining
After turkey season: No refund

Sometimes timber related activities such as site preparation, tree planting, control burning, application of herbicides, and/or harvesting need to be completed. Lessor usually conducts these activities either before or after deer and turkey season. But, there could be situations where timber related activities need to be completed during hunting season. Lessor would give as much advance notice as possible to Lessee(s) in these situations. As of October, 2018, the property owner informed me that he plans to have a control burn completed after deer season in February, 2019. ***This will open up the woods and should result in excellent turkey hunting. It will also provide a lot of nutritious new growth browse for deer and turkeys.***

Subleasing or assignment of this lease is not permitted.

Alabama hunting and fishing information and much more is available at

$1 million per occurrence, ($2 million aggregate) hunting lease liability insurance is included in the lease amount.

For additional information, please contact Hunting Lease Network (HLN) representative Randall Thompson, or (334) 268-1488.
Property Features
  • All Legal Game
  • Waterfowl Hunting Allowed
  • Fishing Allowed
  • Food Plots Allowed With Permission
  • ATV's for Hunting Purposes Only
  • $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included
  • Commercial / Outfitter Hunting Allowed
Lease Contact
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