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Kingman County, KS
690 Acres | Hunting
Property Summary
Property #: KSWE 0081
Acres: 690
County: Kingman
Closest City: Kingman
Max # of Hunters: 4
Lease Period Date: 12 months from lease date
Auction Status
Available for Lease
Auction Ends: 9/26/2020 8:00:00 PM
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Property Details
Great property in the heart of big buck country, Kingman county, Kanasas in Unit 15!!

This lease will be made up of 3 different properties. The first property is a quarter section of cattle pasture. It does not look like there is much for cover but the terrain provides the cover. There is a pond for water and when the big bucks get pressured this is an ideal spot that gets over looked. You might not hunt it every day but it is definitely worth a look throughout the hunting

The next two properties are what any hunter would consider as classic Kansas deer hunting ground. The first is 314 acres of a mixture of pasture, agricultural, and timber. There is 75 acres of pasture in the NW corner that is grazed by cattle. It has two ponds that will be a great water source. There is hedge trees and cedars trees sprinkled throughout the pasture and the grass is by no means overgrazed. There is a great stand of trees behind the overflow of the big pond. This is definitely a great bedding area as I jumped a nice group of bucks as I walked the area. There are some great mature trees for stands. This is not a great time to see fresh rubs but there are plenty of trees with old rubs. The ag field to the south of the pasture was planted in milo and will be on a row crop rotation as will all of the fields. The field to the NE was wheat this past year and is in stubble now. The small field right in the middle is plowed ground and my assumption would be that it will be planted to wheat this next year. This leads me to where the group of bucks ran too, the stand of trees on the southern border of the property. This is a fairly large stand of trees that had multiple trails going through it. Plenty of mature trees for stand sites and possibly a great place for a feeder. It runs east and west so it sets up nicely for the predominately north and south winds. This will be a great place to catch a monster checking for does when November gets here. The property to the south of the lease is also planted in corn!!!!!

The final property to this lease is 200 acres of a great mixture of pasture, shelter belt, agricultural field, and CRP grass. Almost the southern edge of the property is bordered by a double hedge row that is so thick that you can't hardly walk through it. As I walked on the outside of it, I ran deer out that were bedded down in the middle of it. There are great pockets of open areas that the deer are bedding in and they feel very safe with chest high native grass shielding it from the north. On the western edge of this shelter belt, it starts to not be quite as thick and has some huge pine trees that would make good stand sites. The cattle are able to get to this western edge and actually makes it possible to see through the vegetation better. To the north of this western edge of the shelter belt there is a bunch of fingers with 15 to 20 foot saplings that create many pockets and lanes. This looks like a great spot for some rutting activity to take place. The rest of the pasture has scattered trees throughout and a good stand of trees below the pond. There is a wheat field that runs the length of the west side that is on a crop rotation. It is in stubble right now.

ATV's allowed for hunting purposes only, no trail riding, and avoid damaging the fence on the property. Respect to crops and crop ground is a must!

$2 million hunting liability insurance included with lease (outfitters must carry additional insurance).

Property Features
  • All Legal Game
  • ATV's for Hunting Purposes Only
  • $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included
  • Commercial / Outfitter Hunting Allowed
  • Cattle Grazing on Property
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