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Pawnee County, KS
234 Acres | Hunting
Property Summary
Property #: KSWE 0083
Acres: 234
County: Pawnee
Closest City: Burdett
Max # of Hunters: 3
Lease Period Date: 12 months from lease date
Auction Status
Auction Ended: Property Leased
Current Lease on this property ends 10/1/2021 .
Property Details
Great last minute property in Pawnee county Unit 17!!!
This property may not look like much from the aerial pictures but you definitely need to put boots on the ground to understand the potential it has. It is 234 acres and the majority of the property is in CRP. The center has been baled per the CRP contract but there is still plenty of chest high grass to hold many upland game and great bedding for deer. The grass around the two drainages has not been baled. Also the grass to the south end and all along the western half of the property. Walking the property I heard quail everywhere. Sounds like it has been a great year for the bob white. Now to get to the deer hunting.

The northwestern 45 acres is a high bluff to the south end that looks over two milo fields. The milo is a bumper crop this year!!! The trails coming from the native grass headed down into the fields were worn down. Every draw that was coming down off the bluff into the field had a deer trail. There are a few trees that could hold a stand and those trees are actually positioned very well throughout the bluff. There is a dry creek bed that runs the entire length around the fields. There was one area that was still holding water and it looked like every deer in country was drinking water from this one hole. There was tracks on top of tracks!!! As I made my way down the bluff and around the milo fields I noticed the deer scat on the outside of the field. I usually don't take pictures of deer poop but there was so much and the size was big, which means big bucks!!! I had to document the extreme amount with pictures. The deer are definitely bedding, drinking, and feeding in this area. On the north side of the bottom, there is some really big cottonwoods that would be great for stands. There is also a small draw between the two fields and the deer were using this for bedding as there were beds all over it.

This property is a hidden gem that is holding deer and most likely some big bucks. It may take a well brushed in blind to get close but the potential is great. Anyone that has hunted Kansas knows that CRP can be about as good of cover as a wood lot. The deer love bedding in it and the property is no different.

ATV's allowed for hunting purposes only, no trail riding, and avoid damaging the fence on the property. Respect to crops and crop ground is a must!

$2 million hunting liability insurance included with lease (outfitters must carry additional insurance).

Property Features
  • All Legal Game
  • ATV's for Hunting Purposes Only
  • $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included
  • Commercial / Outfitter Hunting Allowed
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