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Rooks County, KS
1031 Acres | Hunting
Property Summary
Property #: KSWE 0097
Acres: 1031
County: Rooks
Closest City: Plainville
Max # of Hunters: 5
Lease Period Date: 12 months from sign date
Auction Status
Available for Lease
Auction Ends: 4/24/2024 8:00:00 PM
Price & Bidding
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Property Details
A wide variety of property, spread out, in Rooks county in UNIT 3!!
Would pair nicely with KSWE 0095

This property has 7 different quarter sections spread out to the south of Webster Reservoir. I will have the aerial of the property and then some pictures that go with it.

Property 1 is an ag field that was wheat stubble. It has a corner that has some scrub brush and a few trees. It also has a decent draw at the east end of the property. This could be a good upland game property. It also has some potential for a field that waterfowl would visit to feed in.

Property 2 sits close to Plainville. It has some potential to hold some nice deer. There are some great mature trees on the property. There is a swampy draw that runs from the NW to the SE of the property. The low area contains a couple of nice ponds throughout. The deer sign consisted of some nice rubs including a fence post rub! Cattle do graze this property.

Property 3 is a field with some grass and trees that run in a draw next to the road. You would hard pressed to find a deer here but there is a possibility. It would be better suited for some upland game and the field would be great for waterfowl.

Property 4 is a large ag field that was in wheat this past year. It was sitting fallow. There is a great little honey hole at the north end. It is overgrown with plum thickets. A great spot for deer to bed down in away from the roads. Some great rubs and scrapes here. Field would be great for waterfowl.

Property 5,6,7 These properties are all pasture that are out in the hills. Each one has some great ravines and cover. Two of them have ponds with good water, while the third has a pond but needs some rain to fill it. The pastures have some great contour to the ground. There is some good elevation to see and glass the area. They have some nice timber and all of these pastures had deer on them that I spooked when I drove into them. These are of course pastures, so there will be cattle grazing on them.

ATV's allowed for hunting purposes only, no trail riding, and avoid damaging the fence on the property. Respect to crops and crop ground is a must!

$2 million hunting liability insurance included with lease price.

Owner reserves the right to pasture cattle.

Outfitters/guides must provide their own additional insurance.
Property Features
  • All Legal Game
  • ATV's for Hunting Purposes Only
  • $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included
  • Commercial / Outfitter Hunting Allowed
  • Cattle Grazing on Property
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