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Putnam County
76 Acres
79 acres in Putnam County, IN. Property has a yearly corn and bean rotation with the north border tree line and other lightly timbered areas. Landowner claims that deer use this property as a travel route with the railroad tracks along the north boundary. Landowner wants to make sure that all hunters know the boundaries and do not trespass onto the neighboring property owners land. Landowner reserves the right to excavate, the removal of trees and trim edges, as needed on the property. ATV's for Hunting Purposes Only! Respect to crops is a must. No permanent treestands or screw-in tree steps allowed. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. No Commercial Use Allowed
Hunting Property Photo
Mackinac County
80 Acres
80 acres consisting of White Pine and Poplar forest, as well as open areas and bogs. Portions of the property have been logged providing for new growth which will attract all kinds of wild life. The eastern portion of property will be thinned out this spring which will open that area up and create more new growth. All legal game and fishing allowed. There is a pretty good grouse population as per owner. The Black River runs through the property and trout can be caught here also as per the owner. A property like this will hold pretty much everything the area offers in wildlife. Not far from the Mackinac bridge so this 80 acres would be easy access for those from the lower part of Michigan. There is a cabin and out buildings on the property that are NOT available for use. Owners will allow a camper on the property.
Hunting Property Photo
Jefferson County
117 Acres
First time available...affordable pheasant/possible deer hunting lease. Jefferson County, IA. Ideal for father introducing hunting to sons and daughters. Several draws on this rustic and remote property - with interesting upland game bird habitat. Feel free to ask HLN rep for site visit slip. Property is owned by same individual as IAEA 0101. Premium for $2.0 million hunting liability insurance policy included in bid. Commercial operators to provide their own insurance coverage.
Hunting Property Photo
Jefferson County
256 Acres
Hard-to-come-by, first time available lease on 256 acres in Jefferson County, IA. Rolling cropland, draws, timber, water and tall grass CRP. Great types of cover throughout the farm. Property is characterized by a large number of spots on which to set up. Property is also accessible from the west and from the north. Landowner is cooperative and wants to help make the lease work. We are acquainted with a nearby individual who would be willing to discuss a 'caretaking' or oversight arrangement with a hunting lessee. Food plots in non-crop areas are possible with specific permission of landowner. Premium on hunting liability insurance is included in the bid. Commercial operators must provide their own coverage.
Hunting Property Photo
Cowley County
80 Acres
80 ACRES IN COWLEY COUNTY UNIT 14 JUST A FEW MILES FROM WINFIELD KANSAS This property will have the number one quality that all deer hunters look for...a lot of whitetail! Seriously, on my visit I entered the property from the gate on 131st Rd and walked through the pasture to the tree line. I was downwind of the larger group of trees and was able to ease up to them with the southwind. I caught a group of deer off guard as they were grazing on the wheat. When they made their exit they alerted several more deer in the timber. There is no shortage of deer sign and trails on this property. The area near the road is pasture ground and is leased for cattle grazing with fall removal. The grass was several feet tall on my visit. On the far south end of the property there is an access road to the back crop ground where the deer were grazing. In the far southeast corner there is a hay meadow that would be a great stand and mineral location. This area had a lot of deer sign as well. Overall I believe this property is going to make someone a great lease and could make a nice long term lease.
Hunting Property Photo
Howard County
800 Acres
800 acres in Howard County, NE. Just a short drive from St.Paul and only a half hour east of Sherman Reservoir. This property has a yearly crop rotation of corn/bean on 320 acres. The rest of the property is in pasture which consists of timber areas, ponds and rolling hill terrain. Boundaries are clearly marked so there should be no issues finding your way around this one. Landowner asks that you stay away from the cemetery that lies on the southern edge of the property. Cattle are usually grazing this property from May until October. Based on the harvest they could go into the first week of November. Make sure that all gates stay closed on the property at all times! $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included!
Hunting Property Photo
Douglas County
67 Acres
Here is a really nice Northwoods property consisting of 67 acres. Open for hunting all legal game. Offering 28 acres of pasture and 38 acres of woodland. There is a small stream running through the wooded portion. No shortage of deer, turkey, bear and coyote. This property is in the Northern Forest Zone 1. Owner will allow camping. Very close to Superior/Duluth which is are good size cities offering all the amenities. Land owner will also allow for commercial use, (must provide liability insurance). Why compete with the crowds on the public ground in the Northwoods when you can have this reasonably priced property all to yourself?
Hunting Property Photo
Chippewa County
186 Acres
2 parcels totaling 186 acres. Western parcel is lowland. Depending on rain fall amounts over the course of the year this area might contain water or it might not. There are good hunting opportunities on both the western and eastern edges of the lowland parcel. This area has rarely been hunted. There is some high ground on the southern portion that would be accessible if lowland is dry or frozen. There is an area along 40 Hwy on the southern part of the property that extends out that is also an excellent stand location. This parcel attracts all types of waterfowl when holding water and waterfowl hunting is allowed. No shortage of coyotes. Bucks are hanging out here due to difficult accessibility. There are 33 acres of higher ground on the east side of Sand Lake Rd. Plenty of deer sign rubs, trails etc. Turkey also plentiful. Landowner would like to meet potential bidders. Landowner will allow camping.
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