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Hunting Property Photo
West Virginia
Pleasants County
206 Acres
206 acres in Pleasants County, WV. Located in the Calcutta, Washington District area. * Property consists of 195 acres of timber and the rest in forage/utility ROW * All legal game property * No Trapping * Parking in designated area at 39°21'13.2"N 81°12'20.3"W - see photo of truck * Property boundaries are in the process of being surveyed and will be marked in the future in purple paint * Consider all dwellings in the area as occupied per WVDNR regulation * Clean up all hunting items, remove all trash, brass, arrows, etc. * Climbing and Ladder stands / portable ground blinds are allowed and shall be marked with the owner’s name and phone number. All stands and blinds shall be removed at the completion of the season Landowner reserves the right to do some cutting of trees/timber stand improvements in 2022-2023 but will try to avoid doing this work during the deer season. ATV's can NOT be used. Camping will be available for a temporary basis at the coordinates above. No cattle to worry about. All West Virginia hunting laws must be followed while hunting the property. $2 million hunting liability insurance also included in lease price. Outfitters & Guides must provide additional insurance.
Hunting Property Photo
Osage County
1175 Acres
HAVE A BIG HUNTING PARTY OR NEED LOTS OF ROOM TO ROAM? Check out this massive, contiguous 1,175 acre OSAGE COUNTY hunting lease!! This property checks all of the boxes for a great hunting destination. Massive blocks of timber mixed with pasture and hay acres. We saw a ton of deer and deer sign on this farm! Some heavy gobblers were spotted as well. A lot of the timber has the cows fenced out and the stand location possibilities are endless. This should be a fun tract to hunt and explore. Cows may be present on the pasture acres any time of year. There are fishing opportunities in some of the 11 ponds located on the property. Owner also reserves the right to fish. There is good camper spot with water and electric available. There is also an old farmstead with lodging potential which would be negotiable with owner. Call HLN rep for additional info if needed regarding the lodging. The cost of hunting liability insurance is already included in the lease cost. Click Here to see exactly what you will be getting with this lease!
Hunting Property Photo
New York
Cattaraugus County
195 Acres
Good all-around timber hunting grounds. Older logging trails through out property. very walkable property, ledges on this track make for good hunting locations. Get out take a walk get ready for this fall hunting season. Unit 9R
Hunting Property Photo
Meade County
750 Acres
Western Kansas hunting at its finest in Meade county unit 18!!! Now that you have your tags, here is the property that you were hoping would come available. Not only does the property have some monster whitetails but there is also a newly renovated house right on the property that will be available for rent!!! This property is made up of about 50% CRP grass and 50% pasture. There is also a sorghum field by the house at the north end of property that will be cut for silage. This will definitely attract some deer out of the grass and canyons to feed at dusk. The grass is healthy but not as tall this year due to minimal rainfall. The CRP fields do have a some contour to them in the form of old terraces. These terraces along with a few plum thickets provide some cover for bedding. With ag fields surrounding the CRP, you can bet they will use it as a transition area between cover and feed. Rifle hunters will be able to see a long way from a choice vantage point. Bow hunters will have to use a thicket to hide a ground blind or possibly use a tower stand. Some out of the box hunting tactics might need to be deployed to get close to one of these monster prairie bucks!! The rest of the property is made up of pasture ground filled with sage brush, thickets, and yuccas. The ground drops down into canyons and draws at the southeast end of the property. This is where you will find the honey hole!!! Here is where a pond is located that holds water for wildlife throughout the area. Cattle do graze the property and come off the ground at the end of October beginning of November. With the area seeing little rainfall this year, this pond will be a magnet for the deer. There are some mature trees around the pond that will hold a tree stand. Play the wind right and you should see deer early making their way to water before heading out to the ag fields to feed all night. Catch them in the morning watering before heading back to bed. There are some great glassing spots to watch the deer and pattern them before making a move on them. There is also an abundance of upland game. Pheasants and quail will be using the native grass in the CRP fields. There was also plenty of doves flying around that would make for a great dove hunt. A great property just in time to get ready for the deer season coming up this fall!! The newly renovated house on the property will be available for rent. Details will be arranged if the lessee would like to use the rental house. ATV's allowed for hunting purposes only, no trail riding, and avoid damaging the fence on the property. $2 million hunting liability insurance included with lease.
Hunting Property Photo
Adams County
3150 Acres
Adams County, CO. hunting lease, located 1-1/2 hours east of Denver. A 3150 acre property with approximately 56 Acres of CRP and 380 Acres native prairie with extensive creeks and draws throughout the property. There are 2500 Acres of Winter Wheat (crops vary) and 213 Acres of Irrigated Corn (crops vary) There are mule deer and pronghorn on the property at all times. Good numbers of prairie dogs live on the property. Excellent Dove populations and Pheasants come on the property regularly from nearby commercial pheasant hunting clubs. Five Hundred Sixty Acres of State Trust Land adjoins the property. The property is easily accessible approximately 12 miles from Interstate 70 at Byers, Colorado. Colorado Big Game Management Unit 99. Deer and Pronghorn landowner vouchers may be available. Colorado has Archery, Muzzle loader, regular and late season Rifle Seasons. NOTE: With this lease the hunters will get 5 either sex vouchers for whitetail deer in the 2022 season with the lease. This vouchers will be distributed by the landowner once the property is leased. Landowner reserves the right to predator/pest control and two weekdays of late rifle season mule deer management hunt and two weekdays of rifle season pronghorn management hunt. Commercial use allowed.
Hunting Property Photo
Lincoln County
1758 Acres
A contiguous property with approximately 790 Acres of Cropland with South Fork of Republican River going through it with seasonal water flow. This is combined with 61 Acres of CRP Grassland Initiative and 900 Acres Pasture with extensive draws, hills, several dams for water. Coon Creek runs through the Pasture with seasonal water flow. There are large herds of mule deer and pronghorn on the property at all times. The property is easily accessible approximately 10 miles from Interstate 70 at Arriba, Colorado. Camping is available on the property in designated areas. Colorado Big Game Management Unit 114. Mule Deer and Pronghorn landowner vouchers may be available. Colorado has Archery, Muzzleloader and Rifle Seasons. Owner only for predator control and two weekdays deer rifle season owner management hunt. Commercial use allowed. Cattle will be on the property from approximately May through September.
Hunting Property Photo
Elbert County
583 Acres
A contiguous property with approximately 483 Acres of Grassland CRP and 100 Acres Forage with extensive draws, hills, several dams for water of 1 acre. There are pronghorn on the property at all times and mule deer regularly visit. Good numbers of prairie dogs. The property is easily accessible approximately 1 mile from Interstate 70 at Agate, Colorado. Colorado Big Game Management Unit 106. Colorado has Archery, Muzzleloader and Rifle Seasons. Mule deer and pronghorn landowner vouchers may be available. Landowner open to possible food plots with approval of location / size. Camping is allowed in designated areas only. There is a locked gate and good boundary markers. Owner only for predator control and two weekdays Pronghorn Rifle Season Owner Management Hunt. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included.
Hunting Property Photo
Martin County
52 Acres
A new tract in Martin County Indiana. We have several other tracts in this county and it has been a producer. Several nice deer have come from areas that border this tract. The bucks in the photos below were taken just to the West of this farm. Mostly hardwood timber stand with a couple of grassy openings. There could be potential for a couple nice food plots in these open areas. The tract has lots of topography and sets up nice for archery and gun hunters. Plenty of turkey sign on this tract as well. I saw the really nice Tom in the photo below on this tract during my visit. Lessees must keep a safe distance from the house and the buildings along the East property line. There is a crushed rock parking area inside the gate on the SE corner of the proeprty. This is a 12 month lease unless the auction ends after September 1st. In that event the lease will terminate August 1st the following year.
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