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Hunting Property Photo
Chase County
660 Acres
CONTINUOUS 660 ACRES IN UNIT 14 CHASE COUNTY, KS ON THE EDGE OF THE FLINTHILLS WITH RIVER BOTTOM GROUND. A LEASE LIKE THIS IS HARD TO FIND. This tract of ground is clearly one of the best-looking properties we have available. The lease is made up with two of my favorite types of hunting terrains; rolling flint hills with wooded draws that hardly ever see any hunting pressure that are surrounded by miles of open pasture and river bottom ground that are always heavily traveled in this area. My words cannot due this property justice but one look at the topographic map and you will see the drop in elevation into the famous Cottonwood River and the start of the much sought-after native tree lined bottom ground to the north planted in the grains that make the Kansas whitetail what they are today. I especially like the area south of the river along the south-edge of the timber. It was loaded with rubs and scrapes. I had the good fortune to have taken 3 great deer next to the Cottonwood River and one being my first Boone and Crockett. I waited for the end of 2022 firearms season and set a camera up for a short time on a trail just off the road north of the river and I have included some of the photos. We have marked an easement in yellow for the landowner to the west on the south-side of the river to access his property. There are more than enough stand-blind locations on this tract for any wind so give us a call for a property inspection form to take a look for yourself. Cattle are located on the south end of the property in the pasture area.
Hunting Property Photo
New York
Steuben County
78 Acres
Located between Hornell NY and Bath NY lies 78 acres of amazing whitetail / turkey and the occasional bear sighting, seasonal Rd access is limited Weather depending, do your homework on this track season will pay off. Just north of this property is another 96 acres that can be added to this lease would make a great camp. HLN property number NYWE 0208 is north. Reduced cost if both properties are leased together. Email or call for permission to walk this property. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included
Hunting Property Photo
Trempealeau County
255 Acres
Wisconsin has 8 of the top 10 deer hunting counties in the US as per North American Whitetail Assoc. Trempealeau Co. is one of those counties. The Wisconsin cross bow record buck was taken in 2021 in Trempealeau Co. 13 pt. 196 7/8 and field dressed at 233 lbs. Look up the Unicorn buck on the internet. This buck was taken in Trempealeau Co. in 2017 and scored 225 1/8. Property in Trempealeau Co. is hard to come by as its history of producing monster bucks is no secret. This is an opportunity to get on a premier Trempealeau Co. property for the 2023 season. This property has heavy woods on the south side of the property. Numerous tree lines, creek. You will need an ATV here. No ATV driving on fields. Drive along fence lines. There will be an increased lease cost for commercial guides. The dude in the pictures was kicked up while walking the property. He was bedded down in the tree line along the creek. There is an entrance to the field east of the farmhouse. This is where to park and load, unload ATV's, etc.
Hunting Property Photo
Mills County
156 Acres
156 acres in Mills County, IA. Located 10 minutes southeast of Glenwood. The west boundary to this lease is the Waubonsie Creek, which will serve as a good travel corridor and access to water for game on the property. Plenty of timber to set stands and pockets to put up blinds to seclude yourself from game. Property has a yearly corn/bean rotation. Landowner says he sees multiple deer every time he is on the property. Respect to crop and crop ground is a must. Please use edges for access and foot traffic when muddy. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included.
Hunting Property Photo
South Dakota
Kingsbury County
160 Acres
160 acres in Kingsbury, SD. Located 10 minutes north of Lake Preston. This property had 109 acres of corn/bean rotation (corn 2022) with the rest in CRP, milo & sloughs. This is a great opportunity to lease some hunting ground to hunt upland game, waterfowl and possibly deer. If you are looking to add an additional 318 acres, take a look at SDEA 0042. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included
Hunting Property Photo
South Dakota
Kingsbury County
318 Acres
318 acres in Kingsbury, SD. Located 45 minutes northwest of Brookings and just outside of the town of Erwin. Across the street from Hojrup Waterfowl Production Area. Just in time for the 2022 season! This property consists of 240 acres of corn/bean rotation (beans 2022) and the rest is covered by CRP grass & sloughs. Some of the CRP areas are planted in milo to keep upland game close by. A shelter belt runs east to west on the southern half to set up if you plan to deer hunt. The farm manager says he was just out to visit this property and seen both deer and pheasants. Get your bid in today! Game on property: deer, coyote, waterfowl & upland game. There is a shed located on the SW portion of the property not owned by landowner. If you want to add an additional 160 acres, go ahead and check out SDEA 0043. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included.
Hunting Property Photo
Becker County
30 Acres
30 acres in Becker County, MN. This property is made up of 15 acres of timber and the remainder is mixed grasses and small brush. Plenty of area to set stands/blinds and be ready for this upcoming hunting season. Landowner says there is a good mixture of game on the property to be hunted. Mainly turkey and deer. The access road is a shared easement so the farmer can access the field to the east. ATV's can be used for hunting purposes only. Only temporary hang-on, climber or ladder stands can be used and absolutely no tree pegs or spikes. Owner asks that you only cut limbs for shooting lanes. Camping is allowed, but the property does not have hookups. Please make sure the camper is not parked on the access road. Landowner reserves the right to access and will notify lessee when they plan to be out there. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included
Hunting Property Photo
West Virginia
Pleasants County
206 Acres
206 acres in Pleasants County, WV. Located in the Calcutta, Washington District area. * This is a one year lease from date of signature. * Property consists of 195 acres of timber and the rest in forage/utility ROW * All legal game property * No Trapping * Parking in designated area at 39°21'13.2"N 81°12'20.3"W - see photo of truck * Property boundaries are in the process of being surveyed and will be marked in the future in purple paint * Consider all dwellings in the area as occupied per WVDNR regulation * Clean up all hunting items, remove all trash, brass, arrows, etc. * Climbing and Ladder stands / portable ground blinds are allowed and shall be marked with the owner’s name and phone number. All stands and blinds shall be removed at the completion of the season Landowner reserves the right to do some cutting of trees/timber stand improvements in 2022-2023 but will try to avoid doing this work during the deer season. ATV's can NOT be used. Camping will be available for a temporary basis at the coordinates above. No cattle to worry about. All West Virginia hunting laws must be followed while hunting the property. $2 million hunting liability insurance also included in lease price. Outfitters & Guides must provide additional insurance.
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