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Hunting Property Photo
Pike County
135.3 Acres
BOW and CROSSBOW HUNTING ***No gun hunting*** since this property is located inside the Brundidge City Limit. There are a lot of deer in this area. ***HUNTING OVER BAIT ON PRIVATELY OWNED OR LEASED LAND*** Contingent upon the purchase of an annual bait privilege license, it is legal to hunt whitetail deer and wild hogs over bait on privately owned or leased land in Alabama. The additional amount for annual bait privilege license is $15.00 for Alabama residents and $51.00 for non-residents. Most of the timber was harvested a few years ago and the harvested areas were replanted in loblolly pines during January, 2018. There is plenty of cover since the young pines are in their second growing season. There are stream side management zones (SMZ's) with hardwoods near the small streams. Mims Creek, a larger stream runs through the northwest corner and there are several acres of hardwoods in this area. ***MOWING FIREBREAKS AROUND THE PERIMETER*** The owner agrees to mow fire breaks around the perimeter before deer season and this will provide better access, potential shooting lanes, and possible areas to plant food plots. ***Do not damage the young planted pines.*** Contingent upon landowner approval and, if food plots are desired, Lessees are responsible for planting and maintaining them. Maximum number of hunters allowed on this lease at any one time: Up to 4, (including guest hunter(s). ***Hunters are asked to use quality deer management.*** One Lessee (hunter who signs the original Hunting/Fishing Lease) needs to give written permission to guest hunter(s). ***Please note that this also includes any club member who does not sign the original lease document.*** No deer hunting with dogs. However, tracking dogs are allowed to help find wounded or dead deer. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs. ATV's are permitted only for hunting related purposes. No trail riding for safety reasons and to help prevent soil erosion on the interior roads. Respect and care for this property is required. No littering. And, respect for neighbors and property boundaries (no trespassing) is required. Sometimes timber related activities such as mowing, site preparation, tree planting, control burning, application of herbicides and/or harvesting need to be completed. Lessor will usually conduct these activities before or after hunting season. But, there could be situations where timber related activities would need to be handled during hunting season. Lessor would give as much advance notice as possible to Lessee(s) in these situations. Food is available at several restaurants in Brundidge. Lodging is available in Troy and Walnut Creek RV Park is located on Highway 231 between Brundidge and Troy. Alabama hunting and fishing license information and much more is available at $1 million per occurrence ($2 million aggregate) hunting/fishing lease liability insurance is included in the lease amount. Please contact Hunting Lease Network (HLN) representative Randall Thompson, or (334) 268-1488 for additional information.
Hunting Property Photo
Holt County
81 Acres
HOLT COUNTY!! Good looking lease for a couple of hunters in a great area. Rich farmland with substantial timber filled draws make for an intriguing opportunity! Plenty of good stand sites. Most of the cover is on the secluded Southwest side of this farm. High quality food sources, cover and water sources all are present on this property. Add in the fact this farm located in trophy rich Holt County and not far off I-29! Easy access from a well maintained gravel road on East side.
Hunting Property Photo
Taylor County
57 Acres
Nice reasonably priced 57 +/- acres with plenty of deer activity. Deer trails and rubs evident through out the property. Plenty of places for set up with stands and ground blinds. This is a great opportunity for father/son or daughter hunters. Some nice deer have been taken off this property in the past. Turkeys present. Landowner is easy to work with but has some restrictions. Parking only at the road entrance to property. No vehicles on fields. ATV use allowed for hunting purposes only and only to be driven on field edges. Tennant farmer cuts hay from the fields and landowner will allow archery hunting in the woods only. Tennant is concerned about errant arrows in the fields when they cut hay so archery hunt in woods only please. No restrictions on where to hunt with rifle/muzzle loader/shotgun. Close to Medford which offers all the amenities. Landowner occasionally cuts firewood on property. He would appreciate a call before hunters go out so he will not show up and disrupt hunting. No restrictions on when to hunt he just does not want to interfere.
Hunting Property Photo
Taylor County
80 Acres
Remote 80 acres. Approx. 1 mi. drive from main road. Road has easement through a couple of neighbors properties. This property has high ground and low. Very hilly. Wide range of vegetation/trees. Groomed trails through out the property for access maintained by the owner. All legal game allowed and this is a great place for bear. No shortage of deer sign with many 10+ pointers taken over the years. Plenty of turkeys around. Owner will provide key for locked chain at entrance. ATV's for stand placement and deer removal only. No ATV's on adjoining property. Property sits next to Taylor Co. property and owner will have problems with the county if anyone from his property drives an ATV onto county property. County property lines are marketed with red t-posts. Trailers on property are for owners use only. No camping allowed and no fires please. Owner will not be on property during hunting seasons. Owner will post property and notify easement landowners of who will have access once lease is signed. Some older permanent stands are not to be used if not removed by owner before hand.
Hunting Property Photo
Schoolcraft County
97 Acres
97 acres in Schoolcraft County, MI. Two properties for the price of one, located just minutes away from Gulliver and north of Lake Michigan. These properties have 47 acres of hay/tillable and 50 acres of woods. Plenty of room to place stands. It also has a small pond with a wetland area. All legal game can be hunted. Landowner will only allow access during the hunting seasons. He asks that you respect the neighboring property owners and allow him to access the property at any time. Landowner will hay the property during the months of May through September. Camping is allowed during the hunting seasons. Camper can "not" be left on the property if lessee is not onsite. No cattle! $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. No Commercial Use Allowed.
Hunting Property Photo
Knox County
280 Acres
280 acres in Knox County, NE. Beautiful pastureland overlooking the Niobrara River. Wooded areas that will offer some good hunting areas. The 10 acre pond is fenced and cattle will not have access. Pasture has 3 locks. Every gate you open to pass through must be closed immediately. Please lock pasture entrance gate when you leave. ATV's can be used for hunting purposes only. Trucks are allowed on the property only when it is dry. If property is muddy, consider ATV or foot traffic only! Camping will be allowed. Property has a hydrant for a water hook-up if needed. Fishing will be allowed during the deer and turkey seasons only. Landowners will reserve the right to also fish the property. Pond offers bluegill, bullheads, large mouth bass & crappie. Cattle are grazed on the property from May 15th - November 1st depending on weather and harvest. No trapping! Landowner reserves the right to clean up overgrown cedars and replace old fencing. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included! Commercial/Outfitter Hunting Allowed!
Hunting Property Photo
New York
Sullivan County
136 Acres
Great all around hunting tract, Neversink is excellent fishing, of course it depends on where you fish the River. The corn field is currently harvested for shell corn, was recently harvested. Some good bedding areas between the River and Corn field. The woodlot was harvested about 10 years ago, beech, maple, birch - typical Northern Hardwoods. there are skid roads to access most areas of the woodlot. Blow downs / trees should provide some deer cover. Area has turkey, saw snatchings, supposedly bear??, and deer. Did see a few deer flags / tails when traversing the woods. Did not walk the entire woodlot.
Hunting Property Photo
Jefferson County
79 Acres
79 acres located in Jefferson County, NE. River bottom ground on the Little Blue River with Rock Creek flowing through the property. This property has 40 acres of crop and 35 acres of timber with 4 acres of wetlands. Easy access off of Hwy 8 only 1/2 mile east of Endicott. Property boundaries are clearly marked. Landowners are willing to let hunters use existing stands or they can place their own. Landowner will reserve all rights to rifle hunt the property. They ask that the hunter's do not hunt from Nov. 7th, 2019 - Nov. 17th, 2019. Winning bidder will have all archery and muzzleloader season rights to the property. Landowner will reserve all fishing rights on the property. They are also doing some work on the existing building as you pull into the property that will not affect the hunting. Food Plots will be allowed with approval from landowner. Camping is allowed, but no hookups are currently on the property. There is a building on the property that landowner is willing to allow hunters to use if they need to store their gear. No cattle to worry about on this property. No trapping. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. No Commercial Use Allowed.
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