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New York
Broome County
143 Acres
143 Acres Mostly wooded with a stream running through a good portion of the property. There is low laying new growth near swampy area, a hemlock forest in a wetter area, 10-acre old field and a northern hardwood north hillside and top of hill area. There are good access roads (skid trails) through most of the property. NOTE: there will be forest management going on.. harvesting of timber in the next few weeks.. foresters and loggers will be on property at times...cost of property has been adjusted for this activity...
Hunting Property Photo
New York
Sullivan County
200 Acres
The site is very private, quiet, Small meadow with apple trees and pond site; extensive trail network, Nearby are state lands to include 1700 acres off of the end of Skinner Road. is open to hunting, contains a fair population of bears and deer Quality trout fishing is available nearby in the Neversink River The woodlands consist of evergreens and red and / or white oaks. Numerous pockets of small evergreen saplings and blueberry brushes are scattered through out the woodlands. There are seasonal stream channels and woodland pools. While there are several ancient tree stands not to be used, hunters are encouraged to erect their own stands and blinds. Again an extensive trail network makes accessing most any stand, blind and any harvested game easy. Lands maybe utilized in the off season for recreation, scouting, stand setups. The lands are to be enrolled into a forest management program. Cabin and bus are available through landowner There is a country deli & post office nearby (about 1 mile away) for supplies. Cell phone reception is mixed. NY Wildlife Management Unit Unit 3K
Hunting Property Photo
New York
Broome County
97 Acres
Corn may be down within a week or so, lots of deer sign ... If corn is up there is room on the North east corner for a vehicle or ATV to get access the wooded area if so choose not to walk...
Hunting Property Photo
Atchison County
460 Acres
GREAT RIVER BOTTOM PROPERTY IN NORTHERN MISSOURI!!! This 460 +/- acre farm is located in Atchison County, MO and sits just north of Tarkio. The Tarkio River splits right at the southern tip of this farm, and runs through the middle as well is the eastern boundary. This makes for great river bottom access. This property contains 400 tillable acres, 200 of that being corn and the other 200 acres being planted in soybeans which will provide plenty of food for the deer and turkey. There is a nice strip of timber that runs through the middle of it that will serve as a natural travel corridor for tons of wildlife. There are also plenty of natural funnels that are made with how the strip of timber winds across the property, leaving you with plenty of places to hunt. The landowner also reports that waterfowl use this property regularly, as it is located right in the middle of the central flyway. This farm is located in a very convenient spot just outside of Tarkio.
Hunting Property Photo
Campbell County
997 Acres
997 acres in Campbell County, TN. Mountainous wooded terrain, old coal & timber country situated above rural valley. Highly desired hunt country for deer & turkey. Please, no hunting in the valley. Camping is approved, but property does not have hook-ups. Lessees may be able to arrange for lease, purchase or rental of lodging/RV parking in valley community or Oswego, or Jellico. Certain mining structures on the tract are off limits. Timber may be under harvesting operations in certain areas during the lease term. Exercise caution with livestock inside double. Landowner reserves the right to harvest timber and mine coal throughout the year. Absolutely, no screw in tree steps or nailing of signs in any trees on the property. No marketable timber to be cut, trimming for shooting lanes will be approved. If landowner happens to sell the property at any time during the lease, he will prorate the months lost on the lease. All legal game! Food Plots Allowed with landowners approval. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included Note: A narrow strip of this tract lies over the state line in KY. Lessees should take this in consideration when hunting and licensing. This lease can be combined with TNEA 0004.
Hunting Property Photo
Howard County
153 Acres
153 acres in Howard County, NE. This property has easy access and multiple entry points. Property offers exceptional lookout areas for easy spotting and unobstructed shooting. Located just south of Farwell, NE halfway between Saint Paul and Sherman Reservoir (Loup City). This parcel is highly productive farm ground with diverse habitat, with the opportunity to hunt whitetail, mule deer, turkey, small game and upland birds. Yearly rotation of irrigated corn and soybeans, with the balance of ground in alfalfa and mixed grasses. There are a few large trees suitable for tree blinds. The central canal of Farwell Irrigation District runs diagonally through the property. There is an access road on each side of the canal, which provides irrigation water during the summer. Oak Creek is also nearby which provides a ready supply of water for wildlife. Occasional waterfowl have been seen on the small re-use pond, located in the secluded northeast corner of the property. There could be possible fish in the pond and canal (but neither is stocked). Owners are very particular. Hunters must absolutely “leave no trace” from vehicles, ATVs or trash. ATVs are allowed for hunting only. Do not drive in hay meadows until the hay has been put up. Also, do not drive in hay meadows, nor on the canal road when the ground is wet. Hunters must not interfere with the existing tenant’s farming operations. Lessee is responsible to keep the property posted year-round, and at all entry points, with “Leased Hunting” signs provided by HLN. No more than 4 hunters are allowed on the property at any given time (to include all guests/invitees of the hunters named on the lease). Property boundaries are clearly marked by roads and fences. Cattle are not on the property, so hunters will not have to contend with any gates or fences. Trapping will be allowed, but only live traps may be used. Camping will be allowed, but the location must be approved by landowner. No open fires! This tract has electricity available, but the electric service is currently shut off (meter at the pole is on idle). $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. No Commercial Use.
Hunting Property Photo
Lancaster County
154 Acres
NEW PRICE on this 154 acres in Lancaster County, NE. Just a short drive north of Lincoln. This farm sits 1 mile north from Branched Oak Lake & 1.5 miles South from Wildwood Lake. A high population of deer travel between those lakes through this draw. Made up of a yearly corn and bean rotation (corn 2019) with 13 acres of timber and waterways. If you are still looking for a lease for the 2019/20 season, this one could be yours. ATV's can be used for hunting purposes only. Respect to crops is a must. Landowner will have to approve camping on the property. Landowner reserves the right to all normal farming rights of crops and maintenance on the property. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. No Commercial Use Allowed.
Hunting Property Photo
Richardson County
120 Acres
NEW PRICE on this 120 acres in Richardson County, NE. Located 20 minutes south of Auburn, NE. This property has a yearly corn/bean rotation.(corn on 40, beans on 80 in 2019) There is the small pond toward the back of the 40 acre piece surrounded by grass. On the 80, there is a creek that runs along the east boundary. Both of these properties are lined with timber. If you are looking for a last minute property, get your bid in today. Last time the landowner was down to visit the property, a large buck was bedding down in the barn. He also states that a lot of deer pass around and through this property. Landowner reserves the right for all normal farm tenant & landowner rights regarding the crops and maintenance on the property. Respect to crops is a must! Landowner reserves the right to do mineral testing on the property. If this occurs, it won't be until 2020. Nothing has been confirmed at this point. ATV's are allowed, with respect to the crops. Landowner asks that you use common sense in muddy conditions. Landowner is willing to allow the lessee to use the barn on the 40 acre tract. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. No Commercial Use Allowed.
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