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Platte County
200 Acres
200 acres in Platte County, NE. Located just off Hwy 39 between St. Edward and Genoa. This property has a yearly 100 acre corn/bean rotation with 60 acres of pasture. The rest is timber/forage with a seasonal creek that runs through the property. Landowner says you should have good chance to harvest deer and turkey off of this tract. This property is typically pastured from May to July. Landowner is willing to work with the lessee if these dates need to be moved. Trapping and Camping are both approved. Property has a 30 amp hook up and a hydrant that can be used while hunting. Landowner asks that you clean up after yourselves and leave nothing behind. Landowner would like the lessee to simply text him when on the property. $2 million hunting liability insurance included!
Hunting Property Photo
Pratt County
160 Acres
160 acres that borders the Pratt Sandhills State Wildlife Management Area!!! In Unit 16. This property sits about 15 miles to the northwest of Pratt and is on the northern border of the Pratt Sandhills State Wildlife Management Area. This area encompasses almost 6000 acres of sandhill prairie that has moderate to steep dune topography. There are also miles of multi-row shelter belts. This is very important to this property. First, this is all public hunting. In my opinion, that can make this property very valuable. When the pressure increases the deer will leave and head to private. This property has enough dune topography that deer can disappear and by heading a short distance across the road. It is also public hunting, so at any point in time you can head south of the road and hunt 6000 acres. This 160 acres has one tree that could hold a stand in the northwest corner. It does in fact sit in a pretty good spot on the property for a feeder. The rest is all dunes and thigh high native grass mixed with some thick plum thickets. The dunes provide the topography for a deer to bed on southerly facing slopes in the fall and winter. The grass is tall enough to provide cover for them to disappear. In the middle of the property is a solar tank with a runoff pond. The deer from all around come to this for water. The landowner has a shed that sits by this tank/pond that the lessee is more than welcome to use. It is set up nicely for a hunter as you can see in the pictures below. A feeder can also be set up, once the cattle are off the property or can be set up before and with hog panels set up around it to keep the cattle from getting to the feeder. My first thought is that this would be a spot for a rifle hunter but there is a possibility to bow hunt it. A hunter could shoot a bow out of the windows of the shed blind or from their own blind. The loan tree could also hold a stand and a corn feeder could have the deer coming to it on a feeding pattern. The grass is pastured for cattle from April 1 - October 1. The landowner would like there to be no hunting on the property at this time but would be willing to permit the lessee to set up stands and feeders if they know the location. This would exclude muzzleloader season. There is also to be absolutely no smoking and no open flames on the property. ATV's allowed for hunting purposes only, no trail riding, and avoid damaging the fence on the property. $2 million hunting liability insurance included with lease
Hunting Property Photo
Union County
151 Acres
Very special and unique offering of the hunting rights to 151 remote acres in Union County, IA. This is a first time listing - owner is a sustainable land management expert and has about 70 acres devoted to mature pheasant and quail specific CRP. Part of the CRP contract is a required 5 acre food plot. Property is a wildlife mecca, including deer signs in all the right places. 5 acre pond is available for fishing by those on the lease. Much care taken please to avoid vehicle tracks and ruts - especially in the CRP. If hunting vehicle is to be used, please stay on the edges of the CRP. Care taken to avoid leaving trash or debris of any kind. Hunting harvest report requested by Jan. 31st. Access road is level B maintenance and will be muddy after a significant rain. Feel free to ask HLN rep for a slip providing permission to walk the property in advance of a lease commitment. Premium on $2.0 million hunting liability policy included in bid. No commercial operators please.
Hunting Property Photo
Marinette County
148 Acres
This property is split into 2 parcels. One south of Freele Rd. and the other on the north side of Freele Rd. Approx 75 +/- acres on the north parcel. Heavy woods on the northwest portion of the property has lots of deer sign. The rest of the property consists of hay ground that hasn't been cut, and strips of pine trees. The strips of pine trees have numerous deer tails through and along them and are great stand locations. There is a gate to get onto the property (Northern parcel) that is shut and should remain shut when no one is hunting on the property. Pictures below show entry gate and how it should be opened as per owner. Southern parcel is approx. 73 +/- acres. The southern parcel has a long tree line on the south side of Freele Rd. that would be excellent for a number of stands. The woods on the southeast are not overly thick so these would make for excellent bow stand set up. This property can easily accommodate 4 hunters. Approx. one hour north of Green Bay. This portion of Marinette Co. is buck only. Owner gets income selling the hay off of this property so it is extremely important no arrows be left in these hay fields. Issues will errant arrows getting into hay equipment or causing any equipment damage will most likely result in landowner terminating lease and the leasing agreement with HLN. Plenty of parking space at back of driveway by barns. Please do not block driveway.
Hunting Property Photo
Calumet County
118 Acres
Diverse property offering all legal game. Lots of deer taken off of this property over the years. Plenty of hillsides for stands and great ground blind areas. Crops consist of corn and beans. As like many Amish farms the edges of the crop ground have clover growing. Deer love clover so setting up along field edges should give plenty of opportunities. Landowner might agree to food plots with prior approval.. Property is accessed by an easement which is on the east side of the driveway. There is a t-post where the easement is. Please make sure to drive east a bit onto the leased property. An ATV with a small plow will help keep access to the easement open if there is substantial snow. There may be additional parking across the road. Please do not drive farther up the driveway than the easement. Please no parking on the driveway. Landowner might allow camping or a small camper with landowner approval in advance. This property is oddly shaped so please do best to pay attention to property lines. Call Joe before bidding 715-891-1228. Thanks
Hunting Property Photo
Wayne County
40 Acres
Very affordable 40 acre tract in Wayne County, IL This property is a travel route for the deer. Bucks will be using this hedge row on the north side of the lease to travel looking for does. Look at the zoomed out aerial. These deer use all of these hedge rows and ditches to travel and stay close to structure when traveling across these big crop fields. I really like that NW inside corner for a stand location. Lots of deer sign around these edges. Lodging is available at the Briarwood Inn and great meals at Five Brothers Restaurant. Both are only minutes away in Fairfield, IL This lease is a 1 year term, unless the auction ends after September 1. In that event, the lease will end August 1 of the following year, resulting in less than 1 year term.
Hunting Property Photo
Wayne County
72.5 Acres
This tract is all about LOCATION. Simply looking at the only the aerial map of this property, a person may question the quality of this lease. However, sometimes the location of the property ways more on the value of a property than the amount of timber, etc...Quite frankly, location can sometimes be the most important factor in killing big bucks. Look at the zoomed out aerial and notice that this property connects the north end of the two biggest blocks of timber in the area. There is a ton of sign indicating a major crossing. This will be increase when they start moving more during the early phases of the rut. This lease will produce opportunities. When you have some timber in the right location and you mix in a quality deer herd with a above average deer density, this little corner of habitat could produce big for the sportsman willing to give it a chance. I have been known to say that the right hedge row in Illinois could be worth more than 100 acres of timber if the location is right. The neighboring properties have a history of producing some giants. These big bucks don't know the property lines and from the sign around these field edges, it will just be a matter of time before one makes a mistake this Fall. Lodging is available at the Briarwood Inn and great meals at Five Brothers Restaurant. Both are only minutes away in Fairfield, IL This lease is a 1 year term, unless the auction ends after September 1st. In that event, the lease will end August 1st of the following year, resulting in less than 1 year
Hunting Property Photo
New York
Cattaraugus County
330 Acres
Hunting season with access to NY hunting and PA ground. To Access from the PA side, must use access from the NY side. Make sure you have proper hunting licenses from NY and PA when hunting this property. Property is mostly wooded, older logging roads with small Atv trails help with setting stands and retrieving game. Property borders are painted Blue For permission pass or questions email or call.
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