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How the Bidding Process Works

Submitting a Bid to Lease

To bid on properties, you must be a member of Hunting Lease Network®.

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How Bidding Works

If you would like to bid on a property:

  • Bids must be placed in increments of $100 or more than the Current Bid. You may also place a Max Bid.

  • By submitting a bid, you acknowledge you have read the User Agreement on our website and know you are contractually obligated to follow through with full payment on the property lease if you are a winner when the auction ends.

  • If you bid on a property, you will be notified by email immediately following the close of the auction with the results. We will also follow up with a phone call to go over any further questions you may have.

Note: Hunting Lease Network® reserves the right to decline bids from any past delinquent payers.


How Max Bidding Works

A Max Bid is not required. (You can enter regular bid amount(s) and still participate in the auction.)

If you do place a Max Bid:

  • Bids will be placed in $100 increments up to your Max Bid price if others are bidding on this property. A Max Bid allows you not to have to sit and watch the computer for every bid. It's automatic - increasing your Bid up to your Max Bid Amount.

  • You can increase your Max Bid anytime during the auction. Once you enter a Max Bid, you cannot decrease or delete it.
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